reaper of souls live stream

    We had a great session tonight after clearing up some problems with the video. Thanks to everyone for hanging in while we got everything going.

    We got through act four and into the mid 50s and should make a strong push for capping in next weeks stream. We had some great questions and comments tonight especially from Rebbz and Kintara666.

    In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to bring people into the stream to show off their builds, demonstrating how theirs works.  We’ll also be adapting and showing off various builds and tricks you can use to keep your Crusader the most helpful member of any party. If you would like to join us with your build please let us know in the comments or drop a PM to me here on the site.

    We’ll also be randomly inviting live viewers in for Torment Malthael first time kills and giving the guaranteed drop(s) as a thank you for participating.

    The next scheduled stream will be next Wednesday at 7pm EDT but we may do some impromptu streams in the meantime, follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@DiabloIncGamers and @SitDownStar) for instant alerts of those.  If you have any questions for that, or things you’d like us to test please feel free to leave them in the comments or make a post in the Crusader forum. We will be compiling build guides and suggestions in the forum, so be sure to check in for theory-crafting, or join in and do some yourself!

    Here’s the video of tonight’s session.


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