Crimson Alliance Gives Nod to Diablo 3 Unicorns

A fun bit of news here for you all sent in by TeamCaudell. Crimson Alliance is the new action RPG from developer Certain Affinity for XBLA, and in the game they have added an achievement for one of the quests where you have to carry a present through a dungeon without breaking it. Can you guess what the reward is? It’s the Unicorn Armor which adds a +stat boosts as well as having a always changing rainbow colour scheme on your armor. Nice touch and you can view the unicorn and rainbow at around 10:50 in the video.

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  1. Funny how Diablo3 development brings the actionRPG genre back to life.

  2. Eh, they’ve gone and directly copied Seven Sided Strike, the Monk ability.. Not a fan of such obvious copying, not saying the game can’t be good, but I really dislike developers that can’t think for themselves :/

  3. Kaknoos, “bringing the ARPG genre back to life”? Yeah right, also known as directly cloning and cashing in on what on what will be the most succussesful ARPG of all time.

    • Are you mad because people might play this instead of Diablo3? I don’t get your point of view since it won’t affect you playing D3 nor me. So yeah. 😆

  4. What a ripoff, I feel sick…lol

  5. am i missing heavy sarcasm in those comments ? i hope so

  6. Bring the ARPG Genre back to life? Totally for it
    Directly ripping off? No, thanks

    That’s why I like Blizzard. Besides the polishing they apply, they really try different things, even when inside that same-old-formula of RTS or ARPG or whatever

  7. If it takes more then 3 hits to kill something and it isn’t a boss, then it’s boring :p
    Not saying that the game is bad, but I prefer being surrounded by loads of monsters that die in 2-3 hits then 7-8 max and requires like 8 strikes to kills it. It takes the action out of ARPG lol.
    Still amazes me that in like 3-4 years of development, different ARPG’s are coming out which are close to D3 in style/gameplay, while D3 has now like 5 years of development behind it’s back and we don’t even have a god damn open beta. If their even planning one lol
    D3 better be worth the long waiting time.

  8. Jeez, calm down folks, it’s an XBLA title, not even on PC. Looks fun to me.

    • Xanth, we’re not worrying about it taking away Blizzard’s profits. We’re just annoyed by the nerve these rip offs seem to have. I mean, Torchlight, Path of Exile, Drakensang Online – they’re all blatant rip-offs – even down to the smallest details like Scrolls of Identify or of Town Portal, or Experience Shrines and such. They even have the same RESOURCE ORBS like diablo ffs!!

        • They can ripoff all they want,
          I aint gonna play those crappy games.
          I know who the true master is 😈

        • That comparison seems extremely far fetched to me. They had a system with two resources (not copied) and one orb (also not copied). The idea to split the orb in the middle is really not a genius invention that you need to steal from another game.
          However, on the subject in question, that game looks nothing like D3. Besides the fact that they’re both ARPGs, that one looks more like a “hit’n run” game than “hack’n slash”. The dropped “skills” (turret, healing totem etc), those… hearts whatever those are supposed to be and the disks flying to your char portrait (???), basing a “ripoff” claim just on the visual of one skill is just as far fetched as the DH resource orb comparison.

          • Diablo invented resource “orbs”. These games have resource *orbs*, not bars, not vials – orbs. I mean, if they’re already ripping off a classic game, couldn’t they at least make an original UI?
            Then, Identifying items. That was a feature unique to Diablo. Town Portal. Shrines of XP, Skill, whatever. I hear Torchlight 2 is going to have Acts, first Act being a grassland, second Act a desert and so on.. ring a bell?

          • You probably misunderstood. By “they” I meant Blizzard, not Runic games. And we’re not comparing TL to D3, we’re comparing whatever that game is to D3. That TL is a Diablo ripoff doesn’t really need to be discussed, it’s not like they’re trying to hide it either (that means yes, of course it’s a Diablo ripoff).

  9. These people are right, and I think Ford has a really strong claim against the rest of the auto industry for stealing the idea of wheels, and a motor, and seats, and don’t get me started on the whole assembly line thing!

    • Oh please. Anyone who’s not blind can see they copied the hell out of D3, and it’s not generally about being an isometric rpg that’s the problem. It’s all the little things, like chains hanging from ceiling, skeletons jumping out of walls, seven sided strikes, identical colors, textures in an identical cathedral,”kill fest” text popping after you kill many etc.
      I’m sure Blizzard didn’t invent all of that and doesn’t own them but when you put all that together in the same game, where’s the pride to atleast try to appear somewhat original?

    • Wasn’t Herr Mercedes the first to get a patent for slapping an internal combustion engine on a carriage chassis? So Ford copied the Germans. Not surprising, considering how anti-Semitic he was.

  10. I think the secret level of Diablo 3 will be “Secret Unicorn Level”

  11. Why is she throwing porkchops?

  12. I hope the secret level in D3 involves killer rainbow unicorns and not cows.

  13. Heavens above! A new game has borrowed ideas successfully implemented in a prior game to make…something different yet familiar.

    What is the world coming to?

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