Crazy Swedes Start Camping for Diablo 3 Launch

We all know the Swedes love their gaming but is queuing now for the Diablo 3 release a bit mad! Mad or not, it’s happening as a group of campers have set themselves up outside a Swedish game store to make sure they get in first. You got to hand it to them, these are some very dedicated fans.

Thanks to Kasper for the tip.

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    45 thoughts on “Crazy Swedes Start Camping for Diablo 3 Launch

    1. If more people join in it has the potential of turning into a bloody good few days partying, hanging out with other geeks. Although maybe start Friday night?

    2. I don’t understand! Why didn’t they just buy the digital download???!!

      Crazy just for a game

      Great way to par-tay though!!


    3. Intelligent people would have bought a digital copy, and then would not need to wait outside a store all night.

      • i bought th digital, but some ppl want the CE which my bro is going to get(he wont be able to play day 1 until later anyway) and some ppl want the box(i was goona get but best buy doesnt have a midnight release)

      • Has it ever struck you that maybe they WANT to camp out waiting for something that’s going to be awesome?

    4. Yeah i bought the hard copy just because I want to add it to my like 20 diablo discs that iv accumilated for like the past 10 years but their is no way in hell im going to drive at 12 o clock to get the game or wait outside 5 days in advance… people are crazzy but w/e more power to you!

    5. Are the stores going to close before midnight to open at midnight? Here in Portugal stores close at around 11pm… They’ll be camping at the store’s doors while the store is open, wait for it to close and then get in when it opens one hour later.
      The most awesome thing would be if they didn’t close at all and just started selling D3 at midnight or something.

    6. Yeah but are they not all holding copies of the game in the final picture. so what exactly are they waiting 4?

    7. Must be nice to have the freedom to camp out in front of a video game store for 5 days.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly what I want when I try to walk into a store is to trip over a bunch of stinky geeks

    8. Don’t forget your 20 sided die =D Its a must that the DM time the finale dragon battle just as the game hits the shelves.

      • No Europe gets it first at midnight CEST.

        Edit: That is to say the EU servers will be up at 00:01 CEST.

    9. I general except most the negative replies as jealousy, either from the inability to do this themselves or they not wanting/ not interested in camping but are again jealous they have not the time to do it, which all really boils down to that they have the free time to do it. That or people think they know how to best spend other peoples time…..

      Honestly would you say anything if the same group went camping anywhere else… Sure there camping out for 5 days just for the game but think of those 5 days hanging out with friends, socializing in person even..I know right apparently “gamers” don’t do that, reason Society is going to hell (if you go by the media and these.. idk what to call them really controlling-zealous nut jobs?) or hopefully in this case its Inferno and on hardcore, so it’ll die and the rest of us can finally have room to breathe.

      Would I do this? I think it would be loads of fun and I would love to, but probable wouldn’t mostly because I don’t have the time to spend. Am I jealous? a little…, more so of the 5 day camping trip there having while all I’m gonna get is a 3 hour wait to get CE.

      Oh and dibs on the Hat in monopoly, I’m gonna own all your properties!

      • Agree. I wouldn’t do it myself, rather I couldn’t do it myself, because I don’t have the time for it, but I think it’s great nonetheless. It’s a nice way to socialize, talk to people about a common passion and make new friends/acquaintances.
        It is a bit eccentric, but it’s harmless fun. More power and sandwiches to them !

    10. Translation of the sign:

      “No, we are not selling tents. Our midnight queue starts here!”

        • That’s a huge difference dude!

          I know that I didn’t translated it word for word. Word for word translation often sound stupid.

          But your translation is more “correct” yes. 🙂

    11. Hey, it’s fun to camp. If they wanna do it in the middle of town (not sure if you should call it a town though…), well I hope they just have a nice time doing it! Doesn’t make them losers necessarily.
      I’d prefer to visit the nature though.

    12. Sometimes I wish I could block comments made by certain people but then I come to my senses and realize that I would probably only hear about 1/100th of the comments made on sites like this if I were to be given such privileges. But then again I wouldn’t get a true idea of the kinds of people visiting my favourite site either.
      Interesting too that people these days seem to have some visual representation in their fucked up heads about what a loser is meant to look like. Probably cause they see it every day in the mirror. 😈

    13. “You got to hand it to them, these are some very dedicated fans.” – These are some very stupid fans because camping in front of a store is absolutely not necessary because there are more than enough copies out there for everyone; even on day 1.
      Attending a launch event in order to socialize is good but this is stupid.

      • The only one stupid here is you, and the rest of the punks here calling those guys stupid. They’re not doing it because they think they really must camp 5 days in advance to get their copy. It’s for fun, laughs and hanging out a few days before they buy Diablo. Silly meabe, but nothing to do with stupidity.

    14. They prolly could have just came like 1 day before and still would be first in the line 😀

    15. Why all the jealosy in the comments? They are dedicated fans who are doing something excpetional for the game they love. It is admirable, really. And yet, the commenters seem intent to mock them. Sigh, people sometimes. 

    16. Must be great fun, chilling out with a couple of friends, talkin’ about common passions, sipping beers..
      Power to the swedes ! Wish i didn’t have to work…

    17. The ones who gets their hands on the game first at that store basically gets it for free(1 krona, instead of 8-1000 whatever they have priced the collectors edition) So it’s money involved as well. 

    18. Ah, that is what those occupy people have been doing the last months, they are camping for Diii 😉

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