Cosplay Queen Visits Blizzard Irvine

Yesterday @Diablo tweeted that DiabloWikiChristina Estrada, the 2010 BlizzCon costume contest winner (for her female Monk outfit), recently visited Blizzard Irvine. And they posted a really bad picture to prove it. You see it below, with Christian flanked by DiabloWikiJay Wilson and DiabloWikiJosh Tallman (who really lives up to his name).

What I found interesting was atop Christina’s head. As you can see from some of Christina’s modeling photos, (you may wish to take a closer look at her WoW bikini mage photos, purely to evaluate her costuming skills) she has long brown hair. Or at least she did in 2010 when the photos are dated from. The female Monk hair at Blizzcon last year was clearly a wig, but as we see in the recent photo from Blizzard, either she wore the wig again just to visit Blizzard, or she’s cut her hair short and dyed it.

Is she staying ready to throw on the female monk gear at any time, without needing a wig? Did she think they wouldn’t recognize her at Blizzard without that hair? Or did she just like her look with the short white hair in the monk costume, and thus decided to recreate it in real life?

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30 thoughts on “Cosplay Queen Visits Blizzard Irvine

  1. =[ Why don’t the voting arrows work for me…

    Anyway, I’m kinda surprised she’s a model. Models aren’t really the sort of people you would think would be nerdy enough to cosplay. By the way the “bikini mage” is Alextrasza the Life-binder (queen of the red dragons) in humanoid form…

    • If models were more commonly exposed to gaming they’d love to cosplay. If it spends money and is something they can wear, they’ll do it. Every chance they get.

      Also that picture is honestly the worst picture I’ve seen recently, they couldn’t have picked a spot with worse lighting. Taking a picture in the dark with a cell phone using night vision in camera mode would have had better lighting.

    • We don’t all stalk cosplayers. :p

      But holy crap Tallman really is that tall. I know Jay Wilson isn’t a giant but damn.

  2. Last sentence, first paragraph, “Christian” -> Christina.
    Also, I expect that if you’re doing a lot of cosplay keeping shorter hair (to make it easier to throw on a wig) would be fairly practical. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just how she keeps her hair. Doesn’t look bad on her at all.

    • She cut and dyed it at the start of this year and has just kept it that way since.

      • That you know this, and that she changed her name (married? adopted?) is a little um… maybe you’re just really into the cosplay community?

        • She goes by the name Christina Sims now, I considered asking her to take part in our podcast but didn’t get around to it.
          @Grayson: If you know Christina IRL perhaps you can ask her if she’s interested?
          And no, I am not a stalker πŸ˜€

        • Hey maybe there was a reason she had to change her name, Grayson ‘cough’. Just kidding πŸ™‚

      • @Grayson: I was referring to Flux’s podcast, sorry for the vague wording πŸ™
        If Christina is interested she can get in touch with Flux by emailing him at [email protected]

  3. Super models arent beautiful anyway. Most of the time they are so skinny that I (as a 180cm 74kg slim but muscular guy) would crush their bones when I lay myself into-onto her. Their rips would probably poke into my waist. Wuah. And most models are unnatural looking, thus ugly in my eyes.

    She is beautiful. Good proportions, cute face and nice smile. How large is she?

      • 180cm is 5.9 feet, which = 5 foot 11. That aside, given how many supermodels date huge muscular professional athletes, or just plain fat old rich men, it’s pretty clear that their slender bodies can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. I’d think the supermodel’s partner would be more at risk of bruising from her unpadded bony hips/ribs/etc.

        I once dated an 100 pound girl (short and petite) and happily enough she bounced right back after even the most vigorous horizontal exertion.

  4. I think its her hair. She is nice :love:
    Lol jay looks like he just droped in there by chance πŸ˜›

  5. That’s a stunner for sure!
    That pandaren t-shirt fits him sooo nicely!

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