Fmulder regularly finds amusing Diablo-related images and posts them as Caption This threads in our forums. He’s done 20 so far this year and while we should feature them on the main page more often… we often leave them for a forum treat. His newest Caption This thread I had to post though, since I spent a good minute laughing at how awesomely-bizarre an image it was.


    For anyone who missed out on Diablo 2, that’s Deckard Cain and a Horadric Cube. I must admit that in the thousands of hours I spent manipulating the cube for storage space and item upgrades during my Diablo 2 career, I never envisioned it anthropomorphized into a human cosplay costume. Much less one for a fetching female. This perhaps explains why others cosplay brilliantly, while I can only comment upon their antics.

    As always, the rule are simple. Insert your caption in comments, and the best* one wins.**

    * Best = entirely open to debate.
    ** Wins = a warm happy feeling for a prize.

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