Based on Azzure’s previous post regarding the removal of the flat transaction fee, we were to understand that the rate had been replaced with a 15% fee. This has been corrected, however, as Kaivax from Blizzard explains that this was merely a configuration error.

    @KaivaxBlizzard: There was an error with one of the listing fees in the #Diablo III Beta auction house. It has been corrected.

    We are aware that, in the Diablo III beta, a 15% transaction was previously displayed when selling items in the Beta Bucks auction house. This was a configuration error, and has been corrected.

    We do not currently have plans to alter the auction house fee structure for the beta, as previously discussed here:

    As always, thank you for your feedback. This is exactly the sort of thing that makes a good beta test.

    I would have been very surprised if they had removed the flat fee for posting items simply because it would open the service up to an enormous amount of flooding unless they introduced a very modest number of daily postings.

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