Cool New Things With Diablo III Beta: Patch 14 To Deploy Today

UPDATE 1: The patch is confirmed! It is slated to deploy at 7PM PST tonight. Patch notes will be posted later when they are available in a new article.
-Thanks myelin

The Diablo III test server is currently down so we can deploy Beta Patch 14. Maintenance began at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, and we expect it to conclude at approximately 7:00 p.m. PST.

There is no confirmation as to whether or not this means that today will bring the deployment for Patch 14, but DiabloWikiKaivax just tweeted the following:

Looks like some cool things happening with the Diablo III beta today. I think my next new character will be a witch doctor.

It’s unclear if he is referring to an internal build, or if he is playing the build that will be pushed to live servers later today. True to the ambiguous nature of most blue posts, this small snippet provides no concrete direction for what we might expect later today – or if it will be interesting for fans at all. Kaivax is not a Community Manager that normally posts on Diablo related news, so it’s entirely possible that he’s only now checking out Patch 13 or some internal build.

As far as we know currently, Patch 14 will supposedly be bringing in the new magic find and gold find system that links you to your allies as well as an increase in the damage foes deal to you.

This post will be updated if any other clues are revealed regarding this tweet’s development.

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    36 thoughts on “Cool New Things With Diablo III Beta: Patch 14 To Deploy Today

    1. What would be really, really cool would be if Blizzy sent out beta status confirmation on us who won keys last week!  😉

    2. well, the beta is down for maintenance, so maybe a new patch will be coming out today.

    3. Usually they don’t refer to the Beta specifically if it’s internal. I think it’s a change we may see today.

    4. Poison dart has now been replaced with Magic Missile Dart. 
      Perhaps some datamining will show that the WD has more that 120-ish skills?  Can’t wait to find out as I am pretty sure a WD will be my first box copy roll.

    5. I hope someone does a LARP of a witchdoctor. “Poison dart.. Poison dart. Poison dart”

    6. 14th Patch to Beta already, but still no solid news about release date. Come on, Blizz! We can’t wait forever

    7. What I want to know is how can I use my rare spear to attack? Whats the point of carrying a cool weapon if I cant use it? I hate this latest patch.

      • simple… don’t ever assign a skill to the secondary weapon slot! EVER. then you can use a basic attack. 

        but they were talking about adding the basic attack tot he primary skills page, so maybe we’ll see this in the new patch? 

    8. I’m curious what could be in this patch (especially what could make someone interested in trying a Witch Doctor). Probably more bug fixes than changes though. It would be nice to have my options save again…

    9. Release date will be displayed on that “Congratulations, you have beaten the Diablo III beta” screen.  Or, they have increased the level cap.  😆

    10. Yeah well Blizzard’s Internal Beta is obviously the full game. But I’m guessing he is speaking of public beta.

    11. There better be a release date on that sign before New Tristram.

      Look, I used both “sign” and “release” even though I didn’t mean that! Sign of release! 

    12. Why are they allways insisting in the WD? Every a CM talks about a new character they have to mention the WD. Is it that fun to play with or quite the opposite?

      • Well I think it’s currently my least favorite. I don’t like the resource system as much as the others and some of the skills feel awkward to me (frogs, zombie charger, spiders). It’s hard to really judge the classes when you only see such a small portion of the game though.

      • Dunno, but so far it has been my favorite character to play as well.  Just something about it that works for me…

      • I think the WD scored the lowest on both US and EU Favorite Class polls. Maybe the CMs are just hyping it up a bit?
        Dunno, personally, I will never roll WD, regardless of what they do to him.

      • Necromancer was my preferred character on D2 and it was a surprise to realize WD was the least fun to play with in my opinion. I don’t know, just people preferences.

      • WD was pretty solid in the Beta in like all the the previous patches. He was even buffed in the last one, dunno how OP he will be this time!

      • Witch Doctor was surprisingly fun to play. The male witch doctor also has the best voice acting of any class in the game, imo.

      • WD wasn’t my favorite class, but it wasn’t my least favorite either. 

        1) Barb / DH
        2) WD
        3) Wizard 
        4) Monk 

        grasp of the dead,corpse spider and firebats were my favourite skills in the beta, unfortunately, some other things keep him from being as fun to play… like being stuck with noting but poison dart as a primary until lvl 9, which is just shortly before beating your first playthorugh, and even then you only get haunt xD

        pretty much forced to turn elective mode on, and use firebats/corpse spiders as your primary. 

    13. The Diablo III test server is currently down so we can deploy Beta Patch 14. Maintenance began at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, and we expect it to conclude at approximately 7:00 p.m. PST.

    14. oooh blizzard WHY U NO RELASE PATCHNOTES NAOW?
      Wanna know what they are gonna do to my BELOVED WD

    15. For me, the WD just looks to awkward. Yes, i’m partly basing my character choice on appearance.

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