The winners of our fan art and 11-word short story contest have been determined, and they, along with all the honourable mentions, are listed on this contest results page. There were two winners in each category, plus one randomly selection in each category. The top two in each contest win a copy of D2 artist Ben Boos’ new book, and one of the WWI cards with codes for the WoW beta and a Tyrael mini-pet. The third (randomly selected) winner in each contest gets one of the WWI cards, but no book.

    Here are the winners:

    Eleven word short story winners, 1, 2, and random 3.

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    I staggered, every breath burning. Spitting blood, I walked towards death.

    Act II,
    Arcane Sanctuary.
    Four choices, but always the last one.

    Fan Art winners, 1, 2, and random 3.
    [*]Barbarian Girl, by softshack.
    [*]Retribution, by Nasuradin.
    [*]Archangel Tyrael, by HolyKnight3000.[/list]
    Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone else who played. There were numerous honorable mentions in each contest, and honestly, picking the top 4 was quite a chore. See them all on the contest page, and you can also see all current and closed (only closed atm) competitions on the DiabloWikiDiii.net Contests page!

    Update: There’s a second chance reader’s vote contest for honorable mentions in the fan art contest. Also, Ben Boos made a post in the comments to this thread, explaining his judging criteria and how long he agonized over the choices.

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