Do you want to win a cool book on swords by one of the D2 artists, a spot in the ongoing WoW beta, and an in-game Tyrael mini-pet? Of course you do, and here’s your chance! We’ve got four signed copies of Ben Boos’ first book, Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, and we’re giving them away in two different contests. We’re even throwing in some Blizzard prize cards, each of which holds a code to get you into the WoW beta, and to get you one of those ultra rare Tyrael mini-pets.

    We’re running two contests; you can win with your fan art, or your very short story writing, and we’re even picking two non-winning entrants at random and giving them prize cards, so your odds have never been better. Full rules and details on how to enter can be seen in the official contest article. Add your 11-word story to the comments of that thread, to enter.

    Even if you care nothing about the WoW-themed prizes, you’ll want to check out our interview with Ben Boos, and the sample images from his new book. Swords is set for release on September 9th, and it’s a gorgeous volume, full of Ben’s original artwork depicting swords and their use throughout human history. In the interview Ben talks about his artistic inspirations, his work on D2 and D2X, how he got hired at Blizzard, how he sold his book, his next project, and more.

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