Thanks to all the loot Blizzard has kindly been inflicting upon us of late, we’ve got another contest for you today. (And more coming next week, for more WWI cards and even some BlizzCon tickets.)

    Caption This! We’ve selected 4 pieces of art from Diablo 3, and we need your help to caption them. To play just view the images and stick your suggested caption in the comment thread for each article. One winning caption will be selected for each image, and its author will receive one of the Paris WWI cards, good for a slot in the ongoing WoW WotLK beta and the real prize, an ultra-rare Tyrael mini-pet. Don’t delay, since this contest is only running through the weekend; you must add your caption by August 24th to be eligible.

    More details about the contests, the prizes, and the captions can be found on each individual image post. Good luck!

    Also note that our contest to win autographed (and doodled in) copies of Ben Boos’ Swords: An Artist’s Devotion, plus WoW WotLK beta slots and WoW Tyrael mini-pets, is running through the end of next week. There are already well over 200 entries to the 11-word short story contest, but far fewer people have entered the fan art portion of the contest. If you can draw, or have a friend who can and might let you look over his shoulder while he plays if you refer him, hit it!

    If you need some artistic inspiration, Blizzard recently ran a fan art contest and they got some great entries. And they weren’t even giving away Tyrael mini-pets!

    If you are really interested in getting one of these WoW-pets and beta keys, don’t forget that our sister site WorldofWar.net is holding a Movie Poster competition as well! They also hold various other competitions for beta keys and/or Tyrael pets.

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