Contest: 50 Path of Exile Beta Keys!

Thanks to Chris Wilson’s largess, I have a big stack of beta keys for the upcoming, dark ARPG‘s ongoing beta test. No, it’s not D3, but if you win one you can start playing instantly, and the PoE beta is the full game. The GGG devs are really looking for feedback and constantly making changes based on it.

If you’re interested, you need to use this thread in our PoE forum to tell me, in 50 words or less, why you want to be in test. Read the very minimal rules in the first post and add your reply to that thread. Do it soon; I’m going to pick 25 winners Monday night at midnight, and then a few more each day for the rest of the week.

If you are a site Pal (or thinking about becoming one) there’s an identical thread running in our Pal Forum, where your odds of getting in are MUCH greater. I’m giving out (at least) 10 keys there, and so far there are 5 entrants, vs. many hundreds in the PoE forum thread.

If you’re not familiar with PoE, check out the extensive write up I did after first seeing it last year, or give a listen to the recent DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast episode on which I interviewed project lead Chris Wilson.

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31 thoughts on “Contest: 50 Path of Exile Beta Keys!

  1. I think it might be time for me to enter. It’s always good to see all the facets of ARPG gaming.

    • It’s not an “attack on D3”. It’s a commentary on how limited the beta will be…which it will be.
      PoE has a lot of content to test, at least.

    • Well it’s all the game that’s ready for public testing. That’s the whole point it being a beta test, eh? They don’t have their future planned PvP and other features in yet either, since they’re still under development.

  2. Flux, for someone who runs a Diablo 3 fansite, you are really anti-Diablo3. You take every singe chance you can get to make fun of Diablo 3 and are usually pretty negative towards D3 news. So, why do you even bother when you don’t like the game? Pretty sure you are only doing D3 coverage for the hits and not because you actually care about the game.

    • Wut?

      The D3 beta is just a tiny sliver of Act 1, and it’s not meant for development feedback, and it is primary meant as a tech demo. Those are factual statements derived from what Blizzard representatives have said multiple times. How is it anti-D3 to summarize that in this post? If you don’t like what they’re doing with the D3 beta, fine, but why am I anti-anything for including that contextual information?

      Personally, I like what they’re doing with the D3 beta, since it means the test will be shorter and we’ll get the game sooner. I’ve said that on numerous occasions in news posts, forum posts, and on the podcast.

      The PoE beta will last MUCH longer than D3’s, since they’re earlier in their development process and they’re a much smaller company, so they’re adding new features all the time and they really want fan feedback on them.

      Am I being pro or anti-PoE by pointing that out?

  3. Im currently beta testing the game and im sure your not from your coments, first time i played it i was running my char through some grass and spotted it sway when she brushed it, POE is in closed beta and has plenty to be added yet but its shaping up well.

    You dont need to take my word for it though theres a lad called Lumin doing a play through vid series, you can see for your self what its like :

    O and if you’ve got so little respect for flux wtf are you doing bothering with this site ?

  4. Have you listened to any of the podcasts flux does?  He is not anti-d3 lol.  He just doesn’t polish blizzard knob like other “fan” sites.

  5. Im already in the closed beta, and let me tell you its worth it!       Its such a fun game, I’m addicted to it already lol.    In test phase, so definitely no a finished product, but judging by what Ive seen, and what is planned, its gonna be a powerhouse.    😀

  6. I’m actually in contact with PoE’s lead developer Chris discussing the possibility of adding Diablo-II-styled key-binding controls to Path of Exile (the current system is like Torchlight or Diablo III where all keyboard hotkeys insta-cast their skills when you tap them). If it is implemented it’s gonna be grand.

    The people developing PoE are very passionate, and care so much about opinions and ideas of the community playtesting it.

    • They really do offer great feedback to the fans. They even posted their grand “beta manifesto” on the forums to help us focus on what they want us to test. 

      That’s the luxury they have, being a small company. Blizzard, sadly, doesn’t have that.
      But PoE is a classic beta. I wish it would have started earlier in the summer so I’d have had more time (with school and other obligations now looming over me) but I have a pretty good list of things I’m compiling that I hope to have done and posted this week.

      Why is this an “advertisement” on a diablo site? You guys know that other fansites have also given out keys to PoE, right? It’s an ARPG that is currently playable in beta form, how is this not of interest? Same with TL2. It’s overall a larger community that spans more than just “Diablo” for many of us. We are all drawn to the genre, but Diablo most of all, because goddammit Diablo is the king.

  7. I got a key today, downloaded the game and I must say it is a fun game to play. It has potential to be really good.

  8. Yeah…… No! Using the same skill over and over again, that just kills it for me. I will get my witch to the highest level cap and have my final say then. Meanwhile, I vouch for D3 all the way!

    • There are currently only 30 skills in PoE right now, however devs will be adding another 70 or 80 skills in the next few months. Also they promise lots and lots of balancing to make every skill just as useful (after adding those 70 skills).

      They call it a beta but it’s more of an alpha-stage game right now, with the graphics engine kinda nailed but most ingame mechanics and content still in early stages of making.

    • do you not understand the word “beta”?
      they are balancing the skills, adding more skills, changing the passive skill tree
      if you’re using one skill over and over then post your experiences in the skill feedback section and tell them its too powerful

  9. I would like to be part of this beta .. since this type of game I like, I’m a big fan of Diablo and this game is very similar, it is certainly a great game and I love to try it.

  10. I have played Poe now for 2 veeks and yes its early beta. But what i have seen so far this game will NOT be a new diablo2/diablo3. They can’t challings diablo3 that is for sure.
    I mean they have not finshed Act3 yet and Act1/Act2 was very small in content. If i was GGG team i would closed down the beta and go back and work with game more.

    Path of exile feels more like slow MMO then fast RPG….

  11. I just recieved my key 2 hours ago through PoE itself i think, so i won´t be needing any. I replied on the forum page. You can ignore my awesome set of words 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity though.

  12. me plz!
    Better a diablo look alike for now so i can kill time and hope for a beta invite!
    I hoop i get 1 🙄

  13. I would like to try the beta, never tried a closed or open beta before. Have seen gameplay from this beta on youtube and i think it will satisfy me. Gonna play diablo 3 with my brother , but this will be good for me or more then good

  14. Hi,
    I’d like to be in the beta because i am a avid gamer of Action RPG’s. They’re the most in depth action packed genre I do believe. And LOOT! 😀 Killing that next mob for a better sword is why I do it. 🙂

  15. Trust me I’m in beta, its not that good, its ment to be multiplayer but no1 will party. Sucks.

    • Agree and content so small. Every one thought they gona play new diablo1 hahahaha.. Path of exile is far far away from diablo games that is for sure…

  16. I want to be in the beta test because it seems like the best way to pass the time until diablo 3 comes out. I’m extremely bored and counting the seconds can’t be healthy. 😐

  17. I have played both diablo 1 and 2 to death. Along with their expansions.  This is my fav genre. I really like PoE’s dark mood and art. I can’t wait to give it a try and help make it the best game it can be!

  18. I have been playing since diablo1 – played diablo 2 for 4 whole closed ladder seasons. I miss the way we could make any build we wanted, be unique, play a bearsorc or a bow-paladin or anythin we liked. This game looks as if it can bring back some innovative skillbuilds and gamestyles. Simply love the concept of skills/passives/lvl-ups!
    best regards

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