Blue post about upcoming changes to the DiabloWikiConduit Pylon and other DiabloWikishrine issues has some good infos. Conduit Pylon nerfs are coming:

    As we stated previously at BlizzCon, we want to avoid removing Conduit Pylons entirely. Conduits feel awesome and exciting when you get them, and that’s something we want to preserve. Not every player is (or will want to be) a top tier competitor, and it’s important that we retain these exciting moments for everyone. However, we recognize that Conduit is currently too good and we’re planning to nerf it.

    Specifically, we want to lower its effectiveness against single targets. We’re making some changes in the next PTR patch to accomplish this. While you’ll see little to no change (and potentially some improvement) against multiple targets, it will be significantly less useful in single target scenarios. In addition, the damage dealt will scale off your weapon damage instead of the Greater Rift level. This means it will feel strongest at lower tier Greater Rifts, about the same at Greater Rifts that match your level of gear, and less effective at higher Greater Rifts. Overall, it should still feel cool and powerful to use, but not an ultimate game breaker or something you should hedge your entire build around.

    Our intent is that we want there to (a) be a variety of pylons you can encounter and (b) no individual pylon should determine your success or failure. We know that’s not where we’re at right now, but that is the ultimate goal.

    As an unrelated (but nifty) addendum, because sharing is caring: The Speed Pylon will also be changed slightly to automatically destroy breakable objects and doors while you retain the buff. It felt a little weird to run full stop into a door with this buff up, so now you’ll just be able to rush right through barricades and the like. Personally, I’m excited to attempt breaking the sound barrier with Warzechian Armguards and Steed Charge on my Crusader with this. Maybe I can break 88 miles per hour!

    Both these changes will be in the next PTR patch, and I highly encourage you to give them both a try once they go live.

    I’ve tested the shrine changes quite a bit on the PTR, with a Demon Hunter and a Monk, and Conduit shrines already feel more balanced. They now last just 15 seconds when you get one in a Greater Rift, (30s still in a normal Rift) which is hardly any time at all. One dead end room and the whole effect is gone before you’ve hardly seen a yellow lightning crackle effect. It’s still exploitable by multiplayers though, where one person can park by the Conduit and click it when the others reach the Guardian and get an instant-gib, which seems to be what Blizzard is trying to fix with this upcoming change.

    Conduit damage on Grift 41.

    Conduit damage on Grift 41.

    Speed Shrines now give you the ability to run through targets and knock them back, which is kind of fun. I usually keep playing normally when one is in effect, but it’s great if I have some empty dungeon to traverse, and if I get a Speed Pylon on a level with a bad spawn I’ll either turbo right to the next Elite, or head straight down to the next level. And the door and barrel breaking mentioned by the Blue will certainly help with that.

    In general, the Pylons definitely feel more powerful in the upcoming patch. When I’m in a Grift I get excited every time I see one on the map or in the next room over, since I know that all of them are useful and some of them are game changers, at least briefly.

    As for the class difference, my Demon Hunter now gets *far* more value from a DiabloWikiChanneling Pylon than a Conduit Pylon. The Channeling buff removes cooldowns and gives effectively infinite resource, and for my DH, the ability to instantly drop 4 sentries and unleash my Spender without any resource limitations is incredibly powerful, plus it lasts twice as long as the Conduit shrine. Other classes who don’t have that kind of M6 killing power, or a resource bottleneck limiting their damage will have a different experience, and my Monk still gets a lot more benefit from a Conduit than any other Pylon or Shrine.

    Do you guys think the Conduit Pylon nerf is reasonable, or would you prefer it to remain as (over) powered as it has been? Other shrine changes or fixes you feel are necessary? (Such as some buff to make the DiabloWikiFortune Shrine worth clicking on… 10x the current bonus, plus it could spawn a random DiabloWikiGoblin?)

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