Concerned Diablo 3 Farmer Interviewed on Economy, Bots and More

An intersting interview with an alleged Chinese gold farmer who is making around 4 milion gold an hour using bots has appeared today. It’s a pretty slow interview due to a translation service being used, but according to the farmer the current level of botting and farming will completely destroy the economy.

In the interview, the farmer mentions that there are at least 10,000 accounts currently farming in the game. These accounts are leveled to Inferno and then set to work on farming. They are taking around 2 days to take the accounts to Inferno running 24 hours a day and he goes on to say that Blizzard are not banning the accounts even though they are active 24/7. He/she thinks this is because Blizzard will be making money eventually from the RMAH and the farming will be allowed to carry on.  A bit of a bold statement, one which I can’t really buy into.

You can watch the interview after the break where I have also given more of a breakdown on the interview contents.

Below the video is a full transcript also (thanks to Elly for enduring the video and transcribing that).

The farmers are saving as much as possible before the RMAH opens so as to flood the market on launch and are set to undercut everyone with a flood of gold/items so that the market will become “usesless”.  Legendary items will cost so little that the market value of everything else will be so small. The farmer is also concerned about the increase to drop rates which could make the problem even worse.

The farmer rather oddly states that  Blizzard need to update Warden even though the farmers are supposedly using an “undetected method” for their bots. He also thinks that Blizzard are unlikely to stop these bots for around 2/3 months.

Currently farmers are selling their gold on third party sites to help fund the activities. They are using stolen credit cards and Paypal accounts to buy accounts and the farmer claims there is a bug in the  Blizzard Europe store which is allowing them get more accounts setup.

Regarding the current spate of account hacks, the farmer says that the accounts are not being hacked at Blizzard who he says are “bullet-proof”, but rather people’s accounts on forums, facebook and other social media, and not necessarily through fishing.

While we don’t know the exact source of who the farmer is or why he/she has come forward now to do an interview, many of the comments cover things we do know and I am sure Blizzard too are well aware of. The prevention of bots must be treated as a priority by Blizzard to hamper the farmers and prevent the economy going down the pan.


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Full Transcript


Markedragon (MeD): We have today a professional Diablo 3 Farmer and he is going to give us some information about what’s going on in the industry of farming and what his concerns are. Can you start by telling us what is it you do?

Farmer: I run bots and make gold

MeD: Do you do this for a living? Is this a full time job?

Farmer: Sell it for profit, yes.

MeD: You told me that you’re using a lot of accounts to make th egold. How many accounts are you using?

Farmer: 100

MeD: With your botting, how much gold are you actually producing with those 100 accounts?

Farmer: 300,000 an hour, per account.

MeD: So does that mean 3 million an hour or 300 million an hour, no wait, that would be 30 million an hour?

Farmer: 100 accounts are actually 200 accounts

MeD: Ok, so while you’re running this, what I’m trying to get at is how much gold you are producing….

Farmer: I play on the EU and US at the same time.

MeD: Oh I see. So you can use the accounts on both at the same time. That’s interesting. Why is it that you wanted to do this interview?

Farmer: I’m a fan and wanted to get rid of this.

MeD: What do you mean by get rid of this? You want to share this information so this activity stops?

Farmer: Nah. But to make sure people know what’s going on?

MeD: How about you tell me what is going on that you want to share?

Farmer: The economy is getting destroyed.

MeD: So hyper-inflation?

Farmer: Gold prices dropped by half in one day.

MeD: Where are gold prices right now?

Farmer: Around $12 on EU. I sell as wholesaler though.

MeD: There’s a lot of money in this, is that correct?

Farmer: yeah, a lot

MeD: You want to expose something here to help Blizzard put a stop to what is going on. Can you tell us more about that?

Farmer: Don’t buy gold from Chinese.

MeD: Are you a Chinese Farmer?

Farmer: Yes.

MeD: Why you would say not to buy the gold. ARe you talking about it should not be done through the auction house?

Farmer: Yeah, sure. That is Blizzard controlled.

MeD: It’s still nto going to stop the hyer-inflation. In fact as a lot of gold becomes available it will conteinually go down in value.

Farmer: I wanted to point out that Blizzard should make more sinks and higher fees according to prices.

MeD: Just like in a real world economy there is inflation. Basically when money is more plentiful the prices go up and so you’re thinking that prices should adjustin game?

Farmer: Correct, yes.

MeD: Doesn’t it at some point become ridiculous? I recently got a piece of money from Mexico that was a bill that was a million peso, the inflation there is out of control that there is even a million peso bill. I guess it just devalues gold and raises the cost of items. What is an example of something that has not gone changed in price in the game that you think should be going up because there’s more gold in the game?

Farmer: Legendaries

MeD: The legendaries are staying at the same price and you believe they should be going up?

Farmer: Yeah. I believe it might be a viable investment.

MeD: What you’re worried about how many dollars you can make. Is that correct?

Farmer: Yeah. I want small ones gone.

MeD: As a professional Farmer I’m sure that you know other professional Farmers. Can you tell me how many professional Farmers you think are working on Diablo 3?

Farmer: 10,000 account currently

MeD: But how many Farmers is that? I mean are you able to control 10,000 accounts or is this multiple people?

Farmer: Multiple people. Ordinary people.

MeD: We’re going to stay away from the ordinary people information. We don’t want to give away things that could harm the game. What we want to do with this interview is see how we can point out some things that Blizzard can address to get more of a handle on this. What is it you are doing with these accounts to make the money in game?

Farmer: They are leveled to Inferno. Then they are farming

MeD: So they just go through and grind and bring stuff back to the auction house and sell it or just collect the gold.

Farmer: yeah.

MeD: How long does it take to get an account to inferno?

Farmer: Two days.

MeD: That’s not very long. Do you run them 24 hours a day?

Farmer: Yeah.

MeD: I wonder why Blizzard would take a look at accounts that are running 24 hours a day because they would know they are not human. Do your accounts get banned?

Farmer: No, not at all. Blizzard make money too.

MeD: They may make money as well, but I suspect…once the account is purchased how is it they make money?

Farmer: Through the Real Money Auction House

MeD: That has not started yet. Is that correct?

Farmer: Yeah but people are saving gold and stuff.

MeD: Well the day the market opens I imagine that we are going to see a lot of people and being very disappointed in the price they are getting. Because if everyone is saving their gold and items the market will be flooded that day. Would you agree?

Farmer: People will sell billions of gold, under cutting, especially the Chinese. If the prices go down so much everything gets useless.

MeD: They can go down so much that it becomes not worth your time to do the farming. Is that correct?

Farmer: If Legendary costs $10 everything else costs very little.

MeD: Besides Blizzard raising the prices of items in game, what other suggestions do you have to help curb this problem?

Farmer: They are increasing the drop rates and such right now. It will increase the issue.

MeD: In MMOs, I don’t know about in something like Diablo, it’s a little bit different from a MMO it is very common for a couple of things to happen. One of those is that in the beginning it is very difficult to play the game and very few people succeed in getting the high levels early. As the game matures they make it easier and easier to reach those high levels because I believe that’s what the majority of people what. By increasing the drop rate they are basically giving players what they need and want. Why should players not get what they need and want, why should we pay attention to what you, as a Farmer, wants with the economy?

Farmer: They should update Warden then.

MeD: When Warden updates do you have trouble with your bots, do they stop functioning?

Farmer: No, not at all

MeD: Are you a programmer of bots or just use them?

Farmer: I program and manage.

MeD: Are you reading the data streams, is that how you know where to point stuff on the game or are you using some other method that Warden can’t detect?

Farmer: They can catch everything if they want but it’s an undetected method.

MeD: So are you saying it’s just currently something they haven’t caught on to yet or you don’t think they will be able to catch on to it?

Farmer: Yeah, maybe in two to threee months.

MeD: As a programmer are you making this for multiple people or are you just keeping this in house for yourself?

Farmer: I program scripts.

MeD: Do you believe that there is going to be even more botters coming in that will even further saturate the market?

Farmer: Yeah.

MeD: How do you plan to make money on this? I know you are going sell gold on the RMAH, do you actually think you’ll make enough to make a living?

Farmer: Yeah of course. If I don’t then Blizzard failed their game.

MeD: Interesting way of looking at it. Do you have any staff working for you?

Farmer: I work with some others.

MeD: So you just pay yourself or you guys work as a group?

Farmer: We are not taking much pay, we are saving gold.

MeD: You are going to try to do this legit, which I applaud, but currently you are selling gold on the grey market, is that correct?

Farmer: Yeah as a bonus.

MeD: Even though that’s a violation of the Terms of Service of the game you are willing to take that chance to make the money?

Farmer: What risks?

MeD: I guess the risks are that you buy all these accounts and then they get banned before you can make enough money to cover the costs of the accounts?

Farmer: Well, Warden is not so good right now.

MeD: The cost of the game in the US is about $60 and if you say you have about 100 accounts running, so you’ve made about a $6,000 investment?

Farmer: Yeah, something like that. There are ways to get Diablo 3 for free.

MeD: For free. Would that be by hacking other player’s accounts?

Farmer: They are very illegal but we don’t do that. It’s mostly hacking and carting.

MeD: With carting you are using stolen Paypal accounts and stolen credit cards to make purchases of new account codes and then you use the accounts that way?

Farmer: There is a bug in Blizzard’s store with Euro banks. Also, yes, stolen credit cards. We don’t do that.

MeD: Do you buy accounts from other people who do do that?

Farmer: No, we purchase the CD kuys(?) We wanted to (inaudible as the interviewer’s phone went. At 23:29 point).

MeD: Do you have any information on the account hacking that people are reporting even with having the authenticator?

Farmer: Yeah, I know everything about that.

MeD: Would you be willing to share that information with us?

Farmer: They don’t hack the computers, the passwords.

MeD: When you say they don’t hack the computers, they don’t have the player’s computers or they don’t hack Blizzard’s computers?

Farmer: They hack forums and such and take the same email and password and test it on Blizzard.

MeD: That’s what I thought. And that is testament to all of you guys out there who are using the same email and password for forums and such for your game.

Farmer: If they have 1 million stolen emails and passwords they might get 1% to 10%

MeD: What type of websites are targets for this?

Farmer: Diablo websites or Blizzard in general.

MeD: So you are talking about Diablo fansites that have forums that you know have been succesfully hacked these and get the log ins and passwords.

Farmer: Yeah, correct, it’s easy.

MeD: And in the forums of BLizzard are you able to get anything out of there?

Farmer: No. Blizzard is bullet proof, logically.

MeD: I ran forums quite a while ago and we had 130k+ members and we had issues with hack attempts at our forum accounts quite often. We were very puzzled about it. There was one time when they got everyone’s log in and password but they didn’t log into anyone’s forum account. Do you suppose that when they got into our forums do you think they were just looking to match up

Farmer: Yeah. They used it to try on people, mail and Blizzard and such. It’s called combo.

MeD: Is that a mispronunciation of your program or is that what it’s actually called?

Farmer: Nah. It’s made to make combo lists.

MeD: We reset everyone’s password, we did that for them. We were worried they were trying to hack into the forum accounts. This was many years ago by the way. What I didn’t realise then but I’m realising now is that this was all about accessing the game accounts and it had nothing to do with our forums. I bet that alot of these forums that are getting compromised are getting compromised over and over again. Would you say that is correct?

Farmer: Yeah and Paypal and banks, Facebook and so forth and small percent Russian spammers.

MeD: They are testing this against multiple things, they are not just testing this against Diablo account they also test against Paypal and their bank log ins.

Farmer: They test it against everything and sell it.

MeD: How much do they sell these for?

Farmer: It depends on what’s on them.

MeD: 10c an account, $10 an account? Do you know the range there?

Farmer: ??? Doesn’t sell.

MeD: So let’s get back to the Diablo economy? Is there anything else you can share about that, about what Blizzard can do to help there from being hyer-inflation?

Farmer: Increase sinks and prevent botters? And fix farming spots and exploits.

MeD: Do you think Blizzard know about these exploits or are they unknown things that just keep getting exploited.

Farmer: Yeah they know about it all. It’s all over Youtube.

MeD: So there are plenty of videos showing how to do these exploits?

Farmer: Yeah, we are just automating them.

MeD: What happens to you if all your accounts get banned? You just buy more accounts?

Farmer: Just buy new ones and fix the problems.

MeD: So for Farmers it’s worth to spend another $6k, buy another 100 accounts and start over again?

Farmer: Yeah, so many players.

MeD: Is there anything else you’d like bring up at this interview?

Farmer: I’m good.

MeD: What I don’t understand is that you are advocating that Blizzard work against botters and you are a botter but you think you’ll be able to survive if they keep finding you?

Farmer: Yeah. But I bypass the small ones.

MeD: What are small ones?

Farmer: They are little fish who use m???? and injections they are easily detected.

MeD: Oh I see by Warden. So you have so much faith in your method that you are not detectable?

Farmer: I believe it will be profitable before they patch Warden.

Interesting (depressing?) that this guy hopes Blizzard turns up their security from the current minimal level, since he thinks that will take out the amateur botters but won’t effect an expert like him. Thus removing much of his competition and helping to keep gold prices higher.

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    68 thoughts on “Concerned Diablo 3 Farmer Interviewed on Economy, Bots and More

    1. I’ve always suspected (and argued) that Blizzard is deliberately slow to actually ban accounts (such as these referenced as being on 24/7 or otherwise using detectable bots). If they let farmers/botters/whatever make some money while they note their accounts and then ban them all at once, a) they get a PR boost from the sheer number of bans and b) the farmers have an incentive to purchase new accounts.

      • Your argument doesn’t hold water for this reason:
        All the while, real people have no incentive to sell anything on the RMAH because without using bots, anything you find has an incredibly low chance to be worth enough to sell. The only way people would use the RMAH is to put up the items they botted and to buy those items cheap.  I personally think these claims of flooding the market to the point of making it useless to sell on is hyperbole, but if it’s true it’s is absolutely not a recipe for keeping people on the game and using the RMAH.   Revenue from real player game and RMAH sales would absolutely blow those from banned botters out of the water.

        • The RMAH is indeed a game changer, and I expect that once it’s launched (which will doubtlessly not be next week) this behavior might change.

          • Why would it change? Why would people pay fees to an intermediary if they grew used in buying items in legit item stores since the days of D2Classic?

            The main reason why we won’t see the botting problem being fixed is because Blizzard profits from it. People cheat, sell their items for 60+ dollars and when they get banned they lose less than what they paid for the game. Item farmers gain a lot of money doing this and Blizzard also profits by exploiting this farm/ban cycle.
            This is the main reason why I always knew D3′ economy would fail epically after the launch. I just thought it would take more time for item stores to swarm inside it. One week after the release and there was already bots farming like crazy inside the game. Fuck all that.

            • Contrary to what you may think, Blizzard does not profit from botters, and here’s why:
              1. Botting and farming undermines the economy and deters players from attempting to obtain items through normal gameplay. This harms the game community which ultimately spells doom for the game itself. And when the legitimate players are gone, the profits will go with them.
              2. People looking to make a profit from the AH are less profitable to Blizzard than average players. If someone enters $10 into the economy and buys from a farmer, Blizzard makes $1.50 (commodity) and the farmer/paypal get the rest. If the seller is a normal player, then that seller is more likely to re-enter his funds into another purchase; the more times this money is recycled through the system, the more Blizzard profits (approaching the full $10 sitting in their pockets as the number of transactions hits infinity).

        • Blizzard is intentionally slow about dealing with botters/hacking issues though.

          Look how many issues they fix within hours of being discovered.  But its been a week now and we are still spammed by wall of text?  Other companies can implement coin lock features within a few days, blizzard just blames the customers?

          The point is, that there are many very easy ways that blizzard could be combating these issues.  Instead they are intentionally ignoring them, to focus on ‘more important’ issues.  This has been the case for years with blizzard games.  

          • And how do you know they’re NOT doing something?  Just because they aren’t patching and announcing what they’re doing every day, doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing something behind the scenes.  What’s to say they aren’t figuring out how the bots are working, and working on ways to break them?

            While it will make certain people start coming up with all these conspiracy theories, it seems better to let the botters think Blizzard isn’t doing anything, so that they can actually try to stop botting, and not just constantly put a band-aid on it.

            • “What’s to say they aren’t figuring out how the bots are working, and working on ways to break them?”
              That’s is exactly the problem. How long it takes for Blizzard to come up with a solution for the botting? 3 months? More? How much money do you think farmers make in these 3+ months? It’s obvious they make  way more than what they lose by being banned, so they can just buy a new copy of the game again.
              The problem is that Blizzard don’t have a permanent dev team that focuses only in cheating prevention. Blizzard only comes up with a solution for cheating when the problem starts to get really ugly, and them we see those huge mass ban waves. But after that they just forget about hacking prevention for a very long time again allowing farmers to return with improved bots.

            • Its not a conspiracy theory.  Not at all.

              We still have walls of text.   We still have no coin lock system…  and now supposedly they aren’t/won’t be doing anything about botting.

              Considering the walls of text we see in  chat, it seems likely that the farmers do in fact have bots and are using them to supply themselves w/gold.

              When I used to play WoW, the evidence was clear,  report a bot, wait days..weeks..longer…bot would disappear only to have a new one in place days(if not sooner) later.  This isn’t theory, its what happened.

              Take a look at general chat.

              I suppose you can rationalize blizzard not having enough time, or money, or whatever your Blizzard white knight attitude can come up with.

              Also as synchrotron mentions, how long is acceptable.  Lets say it takes them a month to figure this stuff out.  The hackers will have alteranative measures in place the next day.  So it takes blizzard a month to figure out one day of hacker/spammer down time?  Thats reasonable…

          • I do think that Blizzard are sometimes (unfortunately) slow with banning obvious hackers, but I think a lot of people fail to realize the nightmare account bannings can be for their Customer Service department.

      • It sounds to me that the reason this guy came forward was in an effort to highlight how the ‘lesser’ farmers are botting. By doing this, they’ll hopefully be taken out of the equation, which will in turn bump the profits that he’ll inevitably make when the RMAH is released.

    2. This is a little off-topic, but could we please have a poll on how much gold people currently have in their stash?  I think it might make interesting statistics.

      • Don’t think that’s going to stop farmers. You can farm vases or something safely and a lack of rmah just means they’ll be using other channels.

        Better hope blizz is really good at detecting bots.

    3. This was forum was compromised a bit before the release of Diablo3, perhaps for this reason.

      • No, that’s not correct. What you are thinking of is the malware that was alerting from another incgamers site which was flagged by google. Just so you know.

    4. And how many bots are successfully programmed to never die?  Farming in softcore is one thing.  Farming hardcore is totally different.  First thing that needs to be done is eliminate gold and xp as quest rewards after the 1st completion, or farmers will simply farm the least risky quest at level 60 for gold. I welcome a hardcore RMAH, and I won’t be using real money to purchase items.  I’m just curious to see a dollar value on items and see how low/high it goes in hardcore.  The softcore economy will be in the tank within weeks after the RMAH opens.  $1.25 will be the minimum item price, and 99% of items will be sold right around that mark, if they sell at all.

      • You obviously dont know how this gold is farmed.
        The most common route is farming ashes pots in the crypts. It gives something like 5K to 10K a run with enough gold find gear. This gold find gear is worth something like 100K since you dont care about stats (there are no threats in the first part of the crypts).
        I even farm there myself sometimes (legit) and get 500K an hour. It’s boring as fuck so I can’t do it for more than 1H for my sanity but a bot doing this is very simple with no risk.
        Another way is to farm the Dank cellar, I did that yesterday for 40min and even got a legendary ring doing it on top of the 300K I got in 40minutes.
        Both solution are very safe and can be done in hardcore.

    5. Truth or not it’s mind boggling how shitty Blizz is at fighting with gold selling and botting. For fuck’s sake, when I enter into the game the first thing that greets me is some chat bot advertising gold selling site. That’s ridiculous.

      • Do you think they are bad at fighting the issue?  Or is it that they choose not to fight the issue?

        Every mmo/online game I have played since WoW has done a better job at getting rid of spam.  Blizzard has a horrible track record for dealing with these issues.  Now D3 shows up, and its the same thing SPAM SPAM SPAM….also apparently BOTS BOTS BOTS.

        Is that because blizzard is filled with incompetants?   I certainly don’t think so.

      • Warden really can not do anything. As of current hardware and software setup it is impossible to tell whether the input are coming from human using hardware or software.

        • Do you have an inside source on that, or are you making it up?

          I can think of several very distinct things that a bot would do that could get an account flagged for further review??!  
          How is it that Warden can not do anything? 

          • Inside source on what? This isn’t limited to Blizzard or their games.

            You can think of several very distincts things that a bot would do, but you don’t mention any?
            But yeah, it’s not much software can do these days to detect bots. They require manual intervention for the most time.

      • My thoughts exactly. I continue to see the same douche bags, spam their wall of text every so often….and I continue to report them as spam. Yet, nothing seems to come out of it since they are on every night.

        First step to combat this problem is to not allow Starter Edition the ability to chat. Second, would be to allow an account the ability to chat, only after they have gotten their characters to a certain level and/or certain amount of achievement points. Every single spammer I have reported, has ZERO play time.

        Why is it so hard for Blizzard to see the correlation?? 

    6. Mhh, thats demotivat me. I had the hope, with “online only” Blizz can prevent such things. 🙁

    7. I don’t think I’m being too harsh when I say that people like this douchebag should be banned forever, and kicked squarely in the testicles by someone wearing steel-toed boots.

    8. i believe it, but I dont see problem with it…so there are 10000bots…ok there are about 7M+players right now….10k bots is like hmm…0.145% of total players are bots. Oh wow so much. Lulz…News level dropped today on level: oh beware apocalypse is coming tomorrow.

      • There are a lot of people who believe the recent economic crash in the real world was basically triggered by significantly less than 0.1% of the first world’s population exploiting lax financial regulations.  Don’t underestimate the power of a few cheats to ruin crap for the honest folk out there.

        Personally, I would like to see an “Ironman” setting for the game where trade is disabled.  No AH, no trade window, no drop-trading, and either no stash or a separate stash from any other characters on the account.  You want something, you frickin’ go get it yourself.  If they wanted to make it fancy, maybe set up private ironman ladders so that a group of friends or a guild could cooperate and only trade internally to take on inferno.  Except, oops, that doesn’t make Blizzard any bonus AH money, so it won’t happen anytime soon.  =P

        • Those 0.1% of people are the guys running the banks and as such are the one with control over all the money. It more like Blizzard dumping 300000000000 gold in town when you log in.

          • Yes and thats exactly what is going to happen when RMAH goes live. Botters dropping billions of gold into the system. 

    9. Dig a little bit and you will see is REAL. The economy is already ruined…and in just 3 weeks, awesome.

      • Yea, called him(D3here) fake within 30 second, but I have not found a flaw in this guys respond. He clearly know the technology aspect of things, unlike the other trolls.

    10. Listen to this guy, this is a joke. He wants Blizzard to ban other botters so he doesn’t have any competition. Also he wants blizzard to nerf spots that average people farm to make what little money they can, are you kidding me?

      He states several times that he can get around just about any form of security that blizzard puts out there. which only feeds more into the idea that all he cares about is having Americans buy his gold.

      This guy isn’t doing anyone any favors. this is simply an attempt to save his fledgling business before the RMAH goes live and he realizes that gold is selling for dirt cheep and top end items are only going for 10$ tops.

      I honestly hope this is what happens, I’m sick of gold farmers and botters.  I hate them with a passion, not because there making money but what they always do to a games economy.

      I really doubt this is even a real interview with a true gold farmer but if it is I’m glad, because it is only exposing the fear that is in the minds of these people as they realize that making six figures a year off of gold farming should rank right up there with child porn.

      I hope this guy gets whats coming and he loses his investment. Then he wants to blame Blizzard if he is unable to make a living of selling gold. this whole article makes me sick.

      Thanks to the people here at inc gamers for this eye opener you guys do great work on this site keep it up!

      • “He states several times that he can get around just about any form of security that blizzard puts out there.”
        The thing is he is right. From he respond he do seems like he have a clue what is going on in term of tech. For example, he know what he can bypass and what he can’t. Of course, a lot of his answer is just opinions, but he knows his stuff. Unlike most of the trolls out there.
        However, I disagree on thing like Blizzard is making money off gold framing via RMAH. The thing is that is like saying printing money make government rich.

        Edit: Just because he knows his stuff doesn’t mean he is real, it definitely could be just a knowledgeable troll. Just pointing that out.

        • “From he respond he do seems like…” .. “For Example, he know what he can bypass..” … etc..

      • I was going to post pretty much the same thing you just did until I saw someone had done the work for me.
        This guy isn’t being altruistic, he just wants less competition and higher prices.

    11. all botters needs to die they suck and its really lame that blizzard will probably not do anything since they will earn money from the auction house.. so lame…

    12. There will be bots everywhere in couple months. Just like in D2, everybody had a bot, it was easy as fuck, and u had basically nothing to lose. New account was like 15$. The botters will make some money, but i would say as the rmah launches soon the prices are so low that it wont be profitable. And when blizz realizes that they will prolly patch the game so it will be damn hard to bot, all the exloilts gone and really playing the game will be the only solution. Also they will add at that point new items to the game so the prices starts to get higher once again. BLizzard is playing with this thing and they have already very specific plans for how to play the board.

    13. I’ll laugh when all of these botters who are saving up a stockpile of gold and items get mass banned in the maintenance outage that releases the RMAH 😛

    14. If Blizz dont put a stop to this gold will sell at 0.01 per 1k and you’ll be able to buy a full god like gear set for 20$

      • Well, I have around 2 million on my account and as soon as the RMAH hits the road, I’m gonna sell it for about that much, so if gold goes around at that price, it won’t be bothering me the least.
        Seriously, people must be crazy to pay more than 5€ for a million, and I’m guessing it’s gonna be around 1€ for 1 million, but I hope it’s not.
        At any rate, I’m seriously never gonna buy anything with my own money…

        • Lowest it can go is 100k per euro.

          Enjoy spending your 20  euros for that 2 million gold, just think if it sold for 0.15 per 1k  without the botter flooding the market ^^

          Death to all botters, we might be able to make some decent money if blizz puts a stop to this !

      • Of course there are. With the right builds (which aren’t THAT hard to get in two days) you can farm specific spots of inferno and get loads of gold and gems and items. Of course this is just for act 1, I don’t think act 2+ inferno are farmable.

        • Perhaps not now, but once patch 1.0.3 is live with easy mode “for the casuals” inferno, this could change.

          • Amazing how stupid people like you give uneducated opinions.

            I got WD in A4 inferno and monk in A2 inferno. Right now it’s not hard, it’s badly designed. Melee is fucked and range can progress with glass canon. They HAVE TO adjust it for melee being even worth a hassle.

    15. It’s not about bots and gold farmers. What would bring major devastation to D3 economy is item duping. Too bad the interviewer hasn’t asked that farmer if duping really exists.

    16. Where is the video/audio for this conversation? Reason I ask as that I am in China right now, I know Chinese gamers who speak very good English, and I would like to run this chat by them to double check the accuracy of the translation. Is this possible?

    17. I think gold will be dirt cheap, everyone will be undercutting everyone to make a sale which drives prices down REALLY fast. Consider how many players are declaring they wont ever buy anything with real money but on the other hand they are willing to sell without a problem, it means supply is virtually endless and demand is much less than that, what this guy proposes is to create more demand (sinks) and stop supply thats not his (fight botters).

      I can’t imagine 1mln going for 10e since virtually any player can earn 1mln/day (assuming safe 12h logon time to avoid suspicion) passively by act2 two towers tanking with thorns. With your prices anyone could earn back the money they spend on D3 in less than a week and botters will have 24h setups that are 6-8x more efficient than that.

      I’ll tell you this if it would be possible to make almost 100e/day of additional income with a serious botting setup I’d actually consider doing it myself 😀 Buy a power efficient computer (my 18W netbook runs D3 albeit slowly), run it 24/7 and bot myself 2-3 promotions worth of cash…

      Sadly its not going to happen. 

    18. I dont believe this. 2 days to get to inferno?! Using the Kulle quest xp exploit I’ve seen people level to Inferno in 2.5 hours and they could have done it even quicker.
      But the danger is real. And I’m sure this IS happening. About the scale of it all I’m not sure at all. The economy as it is right now is already ruined. When, or maybe I should say IF, the RMAH opens it will totally break down.
      Sollution? I got nothing. I dont think this will end well.

    19. It would be nice to be able to just play this game, maybe sell an item or two, or buy an item without worrying about some dipshit like this guy. It seems nothing is invulnerable these days(except invulnerable minions!). I guess there will always be people out there waiting to screw the next guy,even in something as simple as a video game. There is no way that Blizzard could be so blind to all this, they have to know what’s going on. I am not saying to ban an account for being on 24/7 after the first day, but surely over a weeks time it should be obvious that a human is not behind the controls.

    20. Wall of Text Warning!
      Did any of you guys click over to the interviewer’s other video where he interviews a “broker” kid (Jared Psigoda) who describes the middleman industry between farmers and players?

      This seems to be from just before WoW’s Cataclysm came out, and I found the effect of content release schedules on the grey market really interesting.

      Try to stomach the kid’s slimy rationalizations (not that they’re utterly meaningless, but his points are tinged with so much posturing that it’s annoying to watch). If you can get past his showoff attitude, you’ll see there are two common elements to both these videos, and in my opinion, a silver lining. (edit: no silver lining.)

      Both interviewees have similar core intents:

      (1) to contextualize their positions in the grey market in opposition to its worst excesses: account theft, stolen credit cards, etc.
      (2) Both of them make appeals to Blizzard to make basic changes to their security in order to punish the “bad” kind of farming, and both contend that their form of farming isn’t going away so it should be acknowledged, and its effect on the economy should be mitigated in some way that is not costly to typical players.

      The broker kid (hilariously) expresses his apparently sincere hope for some kind of arrangement between the grey market and game developers, and seems to be offering his suggestions about improving security (his big reveal is the forum-compromising password theft also described in this interview) as some kind of gesture towards this end. (if you go to his blog you will see that a wave of Blizz legal action, apparently in the wake of his interview, appears to have cut a swath through his industry, and his last post is from Jan 2011).
      The farmer has no such delusions of ‘partnership’, so his motivations are easier to understand if you can get past the translation gaps. Obviously he wants to eliminate competition and I think it’s silly to get into a moral outrage over that specifically, because we all hate that this market exists anyway. Also, of course he’s not stupid, he doesn’t think that he will somehow spark some action at Blizzard that will leave him in some tiny winner’s circle of elite farmers reaping the profits of legitimate players’ hard labor (that circle is already filled to occupancy by folks like Jamie Dimond – RIMSHOT!).

      Of course, the market exists and it’s never going away, no matter how much we all hate the impact on the game (both people acknowledge that the industry “destroys the game” and both profess to be fans that want to help mitigate the damage!)

      The question is, what can Blizz do besides “more sinks and fees” to keep the economy healthy?

      What about an “exhausted state” inverting WoW’s “rested-state” experience system, for drop rates? I.e., if an account is online for more than X hours in a 24 hour window, drop rates are quartered for X hours. This wouldn’t prevent botters from investing in more accounts and playing them in rotation, but a balance could be found that would be more than adequate time-wise for players but would quintuple botters’ investment requirements.

      What other methods exist to catch bots?

    21. This is why the RMAH was designed in the first place. This also happens a great deal in WoW so all those so called active sub numbers are bogus. Blizzard makes games for gold farmers unfortunately. They say their fanbase is in China and China = gold farmers.

    22. I do not understand people that are buying gold… they are only reason why all this happen.

      I really hope that RMAH will fail because people will not care about buying gear but…

    23. So… a gold farmer totally going out of his way to screw up the economy (indirectly) is concerned that the economy is being screwed up by him and his ilk. Color me facepalmed.

    24. Obviously there’s not enough botters out there.. prices still way too damn high…

    25. People take this game way too seriously. Not like it’s competitive or anything. You can complete the whole game in all difficulties without the need of farming. I see no reason why anyone would spend money in the RMAH.

    26. Are you not worried about your Creditcard Informations or your Paypal Accounts? If the Bug realy exists in the, then it would be a desater for all the Gamers and for Blizzard.

    27. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Then beat ’em. You can do the same thing he is with the bot at

      You won’t have to waste a ton of money / time with it either. The thing is pretty pro.

      Better to use that and rake in the same kind of gold than to try competing with someone else who is. Besides, hands free gold means I can be doing other things instead. The world will never be perfect, no point in complaining about it here.

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