Complete Rift and Grift Monster Progress % Values

Complete Rift and Grift Monster Progress % Values

Yummy progress.
Yummy progress.
Monsters are worth very different amounts of progress to the bar in DiabloWikiRifts or DiabloWikiGRifts, and the types of enemies you get can greatly influence your clear times. I notice this all the time when I’m doing speed runs; sometimes I’ll get a nice dense Rift, mow through a ton of monsters, think I’m doing great, and frown when I notice the progress bar isn’t even to 40%. Other times I’ll get into a Rift that doesn’t feel that dense, but thanks to a lot of high value monsters I’ll look over and shrug in pleased surprise when I see the bar is already at 81% when it feels like I just got started.

Everyone knows that bigger/tougher enemies tend to provide more progress, while trash mob ankle biters are worth little-to-nothing in progress. But what are the actual numbers? Blizzard has never provided them, but some fans have compiled lists, and this one by VocaloidNyan feels accurate to me. It’s reproduced below in a table format for easier reading with less scrolling.

Complete Rift and Grift Monster Progress % Values:

Progression% — Monster
0.00% — Doombringer
0.01% — Boggit
0.01% — Imp
0.01% — Scavenger
0.01% — Shadow Vermin
0.02% — Brood
0.02% — Fallen Grunt
0.05% — Accursed
0.05% — Betrayed
0.05% — Blood Moon Impaler
0.05% — Caine Bones
0.05% — Dark Vessel
0.05% — Deranged Cultist
0.05% — Fallen Maniac
0.05% — Lacuni Huntress
0.05% — Sand Wasp
0.05% — Savage Fiend
0.05% — Spitting Bones
0.05% — Stygian Crawler
0.05% — Stinging Wasp
0.05% — Summoned Archer
0.08% — Summoned Soldier

Progression% — Monster
0.10% — Dark Vessel
0.10% — Ghostly Gravedigger
0.12% — Corpse Worm
0.12% — Returned
0.12% — Returned Archer
0.12% — Returned Shieldman
0.12% — Ravenous Dead
0.12% — Skeletal Raider
0.15% — Chilling Construct
0.15% — Forgotten Shield Breaker
0.15% — Grim Wrath
0.15% — Smoldering Construct
0.20% — Demon Raider
0.20% — Enraged Phantom
0.20% — Exarch
0.20% — Foul Conjurer
0.20% — Infernal Zombie
0.20% — Revenant Archer
0.20% — Sewer Serpent
0.20% — Shadow of Death
0.20% — Vile Revenant
0.20% — Winged Assassin

Progression% — Monster
0.25% — Cuddle Bear
0.25% — Dark Hellion
0.25% — Darkmoth
0.25% — Demonic Hellflyer
0.25% — Ghostly Murderer
0.25% — Hell Witch
0.25% — Hungry Corpse
0.25% — Lashing Creeper
0.25% — Retching Cadaver (Minions count)
0.25% — Revenant Soldier
0.25% — Shrieking Terror
0.25% — Subjugator
0.25% — Summoned Shieldguy
0.25% — Twinkleroot
0.25% — Vile Temptress
0.25% — Webspitter Spider
0.30% — Anarch
0.30% — Blood Moon Sorcerer
0.30% — Corrupted Angel
0.30% — Moon Clan Ghost
0.30% — Moon Clan Warrior
0.30% — Returned Executioner
0.30% — Returned Summoner (Minions count)
0.30% — Revenant Shield Guard
0.35% — Armored Destroyer
0.35% — Barbed Lurker
0.35% — Blood Moon Mauler
0.35% — Flesh Gorger
0.35% — Voracious Zombie
0.37% — Herald of Pestilence
0.37% — Terror Demon
0.38% — Arachnid Horror
Progression% — Monster
0.40% — Dark Blood Moon Shaman
0.40% — Morlu Incinerator
0.40% — Oppressor
0.40% — Pink Rainbow Unicorn
0.40% — Purple Rainbow Unicorn
0.50% — Corpse Raiser
0.50% — Bogan Trapper
0.50% — Chubby Purple Unicorn
0.50% — Dusk Eater
0.50% — Exorcist
0.50% — Fallen Hellhound
0.50% — Ghostly Seraph
0.50% — Grotesque
0.50% — Hulking Phasebeast
0.50% — Lacuni Warrior
0.50% — Vicious Mangler
0.60% — Primordial Scavenger
0.60% — Unholy Thrall
0.60% — Toxic Lurker
0.65% — Armaddon
Progression% — Monster
0.75% — Fallen Master
0.75% — Plague Nest
0.75% — Sand Dweller
0.87% — Death Maiden (Minions don’t count)
0.90% — Tusk Bogan
0.95% — Colossal Golgor
0.95% — Demonic Tremor
1.00% — DiabloWikiProgress Orb
1.25% — Disentombed Hulk
1.25% — Executioner
1.25% — Horned Charger
1.25% — Maggot Brood
1.25% — Mallet Lord
1.25% — Punisher
1.25% — Savage Beast
1.25% — Skeletal Beast

Note that elites and champsions (and most types of minions) are worth additional progress, and that Elites drop Progress Orbs which are worth about 1.0% exp each, on top of the extra progress delivered by the Elites.

Early Grift Progress Bar graphics.
Early Grift Progress Bar graphics.
I’ve long noticed that Rift levels with DiabloWikiWhimsyshire monsters are great for progress, especially when it’s *not* the actual Whimsyshire tileset. Cuddlebears and Chubby Unicorns are very juicy targets, not hard to kill, often quite numerous, and worth a lot of progress. You can also see why Zombie levels often lead to personal highs, given that zombies are very easy targets and quite numerous, and worth far more progress than most other easy kills.

On the other hand, almost everyone seems to think Wasps should be worth more, as annoying as they can be with their evasive movement and potentially high projectile damage. Winged Assassins and Lacuni Huntresses are also worth very little, considering how annoying is their hide-and-leap AI. I’ve also noticed that Boggit-heavy levels are slow runs, thanks to Boggits that are worth almost no progress, but very good at getting in the way, while the Trappers are evasive and drop their slowing traps.

Any disagreements you guys have with the values presented in the chart? Impressions about which monsters are too high or too low? IMHO, most of the good/bad feelings are due to the progress being roughly equal to monster hps. Thus low hps enemies that move around feel undervalued, while higher hps enemies that aren’t dangerous feel sweet spot-ish.

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5 thoughts on “Complete Rift and Grift Monster Progress % Values

  1. Makes me wonder if it’s even worth killing elites? Just group up bunch of skeletal and savage beast and kill them, then skip packs to find more white monsters to kill.

    • Winged Assassins, Lacuni Huntress, Exorcists, Tusk Bogan, Blood Moon Sorcerer need to be removed from grifts, or have their numbers buffed dramatically.

      Seeing these figures makes one think the devs based it all on HP alone. (Which they probably did) It seems they took the old XP nerf chart that almost made everyone quit right prior to the launch of RoS, and applied it to the Rift charts.

      The Lacuni Huntress has to be the most OP enemy in the game, with nearly as many skills as the player. She can disappear, she has invincibility frames during unburrow AND leap, and has a melee attack AND a ranged fire attack. Esoteric is all that’s keeping most builds alive now in Grifts 40+ now that Unity is gone, and the damn leap attacks from Huntress and Assassins is physical, so it’s almost always a 1 shot. You either have to quit or run if you get a pack of either with Jailer.

      Exorcist has a teleport and that electric blast of theirs does stupidly high dmg and seems to work like a slightly shorter range disintegrate.

      Tusked Bogan makes adds, and has a charge attack that everyone loves…

      The most annoying is those damn goat shaman. They can turn any pack, even white trash into an instant skip, as those shields they cast greatly reduces damage! I thought Blizz was removing shields from Rifts when they nerfed the corrupted Angels? At least the corrupted can only cast it on themselves, these sock stealing goat bastards can cast it on anything!

      • Totally agree. Exorcist and Tusk Bogan are a major pain (though TB are already .9 which seems reasonable.) Exorcist could give more for how much havok they cause. Lacuni Huntress at .05 is a total joke.

      • Blizzard has done a lot of hand tweaking to the enemies you see in Realm of Trials, but as you say, the progress in Rifts seems almost totally tied to monster hps, without allowance for AI… which is dumb. I guess we could just say it’s RNG in a way; monster progress is a bit random?

        Related, and it’s probably just subjective, but I always feel I get shitty monsters in shitty levels. Every time I roll Westmarch in a Rift I know I’ll see lots of long narrow empty streets with terrible monster density, and the monsters that are there… just non-stop Corrupted Angels, Winged Assassins, Executioners, etc.

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