Today we bring you the Patch 13 skills on the DiabloNut.com database, these have not been produced anywhere yet so if you really want to see what your skills actually do we suggest you check these out.

    These are by far the most complete skill lists released so far and include lots of information you will not see in the game such as attack types, what effects the skills and so on. Every skill comes with it’s own “Quick Info” box bringing you ¬†further additional facts about the skills. Blizzard created this information in the game files but is not available in-game.

    All the info!

    All the skill Runes are also included for every skill as well as additional skill details such as what other skills improve ¬†certain skills and more. This can all be found in the “Further Information Box”.

    Just to reiiterate, these stats are 100% correct as of Patch 13, these are not taken from Blizzard’s site, they are direct from the game files.

    For people who want to use the DiabloNut.com skills in tooltips on webpages, we have also now activated these (sample: Frost Nova). Now on with the skills…

    • Barbarian
    • Demon Hunter
    • Monk
    • Witch Doctor
    • Wizard

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