Complete Advanced Diablo 3 Skills Update

Today we bring you the Patch 13 skills on the database, these have not been produced anywhere yet so if you really want to see what your skills actually do we suggest you check these out.

These are by far the most complete skill lists released so far and include lots of information you will not see in the game such as attack types, what effects the skills and so on. Every skill comes with it’s own “Quick Info” box bringing you  further additional facts about the skills. Blizzard created this information in the game files but is not available in-game.

All the info!

All the skill Runes are also included for every skill as well as additional skill details such as what other skills improve  certain skills and more. This can all be found in the “Further Information Box”.

Just to reiiterate, these stats are 100% correct as of Patch 13, these are not taken from Blizzard’s site, they are direct from the game files.

For people who want to use the skills in tooltips on webpages, we have also now activated these (sample: Frost Nova). Now on with the skills…

  • Barbarian
  • Demon Hunter
  • Monk
  • Witch Doctor
  • Wizard
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34 thoughts on “Complete Advanced Diablo 3 Skills Update

    • Sometimes that means having it active (like a passive) or affixes which boost it. Some of them are relic from when there were skill points.
      Most however are the “must have passive active” 1 or 0 situation.

      • I think it means that is the skills power at skill level 1, said skill will gain skill levels/power at player levels X, Y, Z etc.
        ^ That screenshot is taken using a character below lvl 25 I guess.

  1. Virtuoso, Fundamentals not there. Magic Weapon altered to work on all of your attacks.
    Basic attack removal now pretty much official.

  2. Are you sure Magic Weapon has been reworked to affect skills? That really sucks if that’s the case… It’s almost mandatory to get it now.

    • huh?

      “Imbue your weapon with magical energy, granting it 10% increased Physical damage. Lasts 120 seconds.”

      Nope, still mostly worthless.

      And thanks, Dorjan. 

      • That boosts your spell damage. Any kind of damage on a weapon boosts your spell damage. That’s why it got nerfed so hard when they changed Wizard spells to weapon damage.

    • Agreed, almost mandatory. Some of the rune skill effects are great, too. Heal yourself on crits? Regain Arcane Power? Or just a flat 20% damage boost? I disagree that it sucks, though. Sounds pretty fun to me. 

      • The skill itself doesn’t suck, it’s just that the wizard has too many active-“passives” that you more or less have to take to maximize your damage or survivability. The fire familiar, an armor skill, and now this. I just can’t pass those up, and like konfeta said, you’re now left with only 3 choices of active skills. A 3-button wizard, exactly. 🙁

  3. Yeah, the language change is pretty clear on it. Wizard now pretty much has 2 +% damage passive masquerading as actives. Stick an armor skill, and you can now play a Wizard as a 3 button class.

    Which will invariably be abused somehow. Optimizing to make less actions taken to have more effect tends to dominate in games like this. Hoping they come to their senses and revert this set of changes.

    • This is perhaps part of why the Wiz has long been my least favorite character despite my general love of blasty mages.

      Anyway…they should have made Magic Weapon a cool, magical melee attack of some sort instead this dullest-skill-in-the-game buff. Bleck.

        • I guess that because there are some ranged skills that are not usable at point blank/melee range.
          IE its a check box used by the game to decide if the spell can be used without moving in melee or at ranged.

  4. Great, great work. Is there anywhere that tells you which Demon Hunter skills work only w/ bows/crossbows, and which will work w/ melee weapons? Example, Grenades probably work w/ anything, but Bola shot probably only works w/ bows/crossbows. Unless that’s not true either.

      • “soon”?  No, no, no Blizzard has dibs on “soon”….you’ll have to find your own stalling tactic. 🙂

    • From the offensive skills, you can use Chakram, Fan of Knives, Grenades, Impale and every trap without a bow.

      • I figured, but there was a rumor that you could use Strafe, as well. The Strafe animation has the Hunter pull out two pistols and spin around, regardless of whether she has a two handed bow or two handed crossbow. The skill animation is weapon independent, so there is a (very slim) chance that you could Strafe w/ daggers.

        • Well, I looked at all the skills in-game with the emulator and I’m afraid Strafe requires a ranged weapon. Weapon requirements are handled by the client AFAIK, so this can’t be caused by an error in the emulator.

  5. Awesome resource and very happy to see this online. I actually took screenshots and typed out a list of wizard skills and lvl reqs the other night, as i needed it for reference and couldn’t find the updated skills listed anywhere online, including bliz’s site.

    • Great, all the builds I planned out before are just random sets of skills now since they shuffled them all around.  Ugh.

      • I had been typing my builds out to prevent that. I would list the skill and the a C for crimson rune or I for indigo. Never would have thought they would take out rune types.

        • They haven’t they still there just they removed the shared name and just called them by there effect name instead 🙁

  6. Do you guys have access to rune information for all skills yet? That would be schaweet! Thanks in advance.

  7. All the monk combo skills say “Generate: 1 Spirit per attack” so I think there are probably still a few quirks to work out in the data extraction.

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