Community Patch #8 Observations

Spoiler WarningAlong with the hard facts from game data which we posted earlier, there are always a few things that don’t jump out or appear in the patch notes.

After every patch the  Beta forum buzzes and there are a few good threads which are worth checking out highlighting some of the less known changes from observations while -in-game and also from the game data itself.

Consider some of these as spoilers, especially Risingred’s post.

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    4 thoughts on “Community Patch #8 Observations

    1. mmm I’ve got 1 question and i don’t really know where to post it))
      On the Site with skill calculator
      The place where runes are placed has an image that makes me think about the Lord Of Terror… i mean this sign, Diablo appeared after activating the shrines from this devilish star. So can be runes somehow cannected with demon forces, or it’s just a piece of design?

      • It’s probably just there to look interesting.  However in Diablo 3 they supposedly tried to get rid of things like pentagrams, so I am not sure what to make of it…

    2. Just to ask cause i didn’t quite understand.Is izual going  to be in the beta or not? and if not is he going to be inthe final game for sure?! ❓

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