Coming Soon: MF Blog and Inferno Drop Hotfixes

Two Blue posts of note from late Wednesday evening. The first is notification from Bashiok that v1.0.3b has been delayed. All is not lost though, since Blizzard is going to hotfix in some of the mission critical changes, such as the Inferno drop increases, early Thursday morning.

1.0.3b Delayed

In general we tend to not provide release dates or specific timeframes for patches due to the complexity of the updates, and the possibility that we’ll discover an issue that keeps us from releasing it on time. We discovered a few such issues late into the testing of 1.0.3b, which means it won’t hit this week as previously mentioned.

However, we know that a number of changes in 1.0.3b have been highly anticipated, and so we spent the better part of today pulling specific changes that did not run into testing issues out of 1.0.3b, and turning them into hotfixes. These include the Inferno drop increases among a couple others, and will be applied with off-peak rolling restarts tomorrow morning. We’ll also be updating the June hotfix blog with specific changes (including new drop rates) tomorrow morning after we manage to wrangle up a cup of coffee.

The hotfixes page he mentioned is here, and while there’s nothing listed since June 12th, that should change very soon.

Elsewhere, a fan asked about DiabloWikiMagic Find gear swapping, as players have taken to carrying a full kit of +MF gear, which they switch into just before landing the final blow on an DiabloWikiElite. This is not what Blizzard intended in the game design (bet they wish they’d just left us the DiabloWikiweapon switch hotkey now) and they’re going to make some changes to the MF system… but they won’t say what, yet. A developer blog is promised soon™.

Click through for the full blue quote on that one.

I watch the live streams of players that run around farming A3 Elites, dishing the pain with their primary gear set, and then once the Elite is just about dead, they pop open their inventory, switch their MF gear on, and increase their reward opportunity.

Is this a mechanic that Blizzard really intended we all do to maximize loot potential? Does Blizzard really want us running around carrying a second set of MF gear, and swapping our armor mid fight to boost our MF for the killing blow?

If that is the intention, I would like to see a way to load a second gear set that could be swapped by hitting a button rather than popping your bag, and throwing a bunch of right clicks to switch gear. At least make it a little more convenient.

If that was not the intention, is there any talk of changing how this works? I bet you if you lost your NV stacks when you change gear, just like when you swap skills, that’d end the gear swap pretty quickly.
Vaeflare: I wanted to jump in quickly to say that this is one of many topics we’ve been discussing with the developers recently, and that we have a juicy blog post coming up that will delve a bit more into some of the MF swapping solutions we’re considering.

It’s ironic, since D2 had MF on some of the best gear, which made it overpowered and mandatory for success, and there was a weapon switch hotkey which most smart players utilized to add 150% or more MF for final shots on bosses. So in D3 the devs removed the WSH entirely, and didn’t put huge MF bonuses on any items — not even legendary or set items, and those are so rare you never find them anyway. Plus they made Inferno so hard that you couldn’t succeed wearing the sort of MF gear (DiabloWikiWealth, DiabloWikiChance Guards, DiabloWikiGoldwrap, etc) that players routinely wore while clearing Hell in in D2… and as a result D3 players just wear their best combat gear 99% of the time, and then stop and switch entire outfits before landing the final hits on Elites, which is (arguably) much more of an exploit than anything we saw with MF in D2.

Keep this sort of unintended consequence in mind whenever anyone implies that it’s easy to fix problems or predict player behavior in video games.


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  1. I’ve found 2 legendaries a day for the past 4 days with 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor and a measly 50% MF on equipment (You can get shoulders with 180 strength, 20% magic find, 50 all resistances for like 15k…)

    Maybe I’m crazy lucky but I get the feeling that legendaries aren’t as hard to find as people say. Either than or Blizz hotfixed a buff to legendary drop rates without telling us, hehe.

    • you are crazy lucky. after about 250 hours of play time ive found 2 legendaries and 1 set item.

      • Well I have 226 hours and most of that wasn’t spent farming Act 1 Inferno quickly and efficiently…

        Waypoint to Leoric’s Manor, backtrack to courtyard, guaranteed boss pack
        Festering woods, guaranteed 4 boss packs (2 in the crypts 2 in field)
        Cemetery, sometimes a boss pack spawns, and 1-2 in each crypt
        Weeping Hollow, 3-4 and sometimes 3 more when the Den spawns.

        I have 30k dps while dual wielding and no life on hit and under 40k life and under 400 resists and I only die to Lasers and Unburied…takes about 30 minutes per run.

        My legendary earlier was a fist weapon and I just got an ivory tower, heh.
        plus 6 ilvl63 today.

        • Very cool farming routine, thanks. Have four (4) toons @ ~clvl 57 right now … but was beatin’ my head against a wall trying to figure out decent Inferno farming strategy.

          Seriously appreciate your insight\sharing. Will definitely use this routine when the time comes!

      • Same, except I only found 2 legendaries and no set items.

    • I’m up around 100-110 hours played total (2 chars lvl 60, 1 can farm Act 1 easily) and have found only 1 legendary.

  2. “Switching to MF gear before landing the final blow on an elite”

    …yeah try to do that on HC.

    • actually it isnt nearly as risky as you’d think. the only risky mob is a rar with Invulnerable Minions for – the rest of the time you can switch out gear comfortably. because if you kill all minions / all but one champion. you are barely in mortal peril.

      except you are one of those glass canon guys ( in d3 a synonym for having terrible gear )

  3. two runs in a row? you guys must be doing something wrong…

  4. which part of “random” is unclear?

    Legendaries could have 80% dropchance and I could theoretically still get zero legendaries after 200h of playtime.
    Highly unlikely, but possible.
    It is all about perception.

    Dropping 2 legendaries a day puts you in the extremely lucky lot, though, I believe.

    It’s the same isseu where people complainabout”i had only few i63 drops and all were crap”. Which part of RNG is unclear to the playerbase? getting an i63 doesn’t imply it will be a good item.


  5. I like randomness, just not when it’s this boring.
    I mean even with all the legendaries, you know how many I’ve found that was anything other 3 Lizard’s Eye at the Blacksmith? 1. I’m more excited to see ilvl63 PANTS drop. PANTS, Blizzard. CMON.

  6. fkin troll infected….go away Lifeless!!!! -_-

  7. Maybe a tad bit of a braggart, but certainly not a troll 🙂

  8. No wonder, they handled MF really poorly.

    Before release they talked about downplaying its importance, fixing the discrepancy between melee and ranged in regards to MF stacking etc. Instead, they did the exact opposite by putting MF on half of the magic armor you find in act 1 normal (instantly establishing it as an important stat) and, much more importantly, removing the diminishing returns.

    What you see is what you get – if you have 300% MF, you have a 300% better chance of finding rares/legendaries, which OBVIOUSLY encourages the kind of boring-ass MF swapping that they’re now looking to fix. If I don’t MF swap, I have to kill twice as many elites to find the same amount of rares. Sigh.

  9. Butcher once dropped me 2 legendaries at the same time, how lucky does that make me? 🙂 (to answer that: both were about worthless)

  10. 160 hours, 2 lvl ~50 legendaries. I’m keeping them in my stash for some retarded reason, the stats on them aren’t even worth anything on the AH. =p

    • Lol… I held onto the 3 legendaries I found for awhile just to remind me that, yes, they do exist. However, I have since vendored them all because they were useless crap.

  11. Post-patch 1.0.3 I threw away all my MF gear, since it is useless, when you have one rare guaranteed from rare and MF is not applying on chests and breakables anymore.

    • You should try that, cause now 50% of time I am getting 3 rares from 1 unique pack after patch ! So the chances are higher I guess.

  12. They’re going to make you lose Nephalem Valor for swapping equipment too. I’m calling it now.

    That would but the most direct and effective way to stop the gear swap if they really want to. Force people to have a balanced load out, like balancing your skills.

    • that would suck if something good for your char dropped, i know it never drops but hypothetically speaking

      • You could consider that one good drop the reward for having your stacks of NV, which are now therefore used up.

    • I like the idea of losing you buff for switching gear, then again I like the idea of anything other than dragging around a second set of gear to switch before the kill shot. I still wish mf was removed from items and drop rates adjusted for it

      • … but they’re not going to do that.

        So what we will have is the old method destroyed, without a new alternative mean to supplement it.

        Good luck farming Inferno in MF gear. 🙄

  13. AFAIK they didn’t take weapon switch out for the problem you perceive (MF abuse). They took it out because it wasn’t newbie-friendly.

    • Blizzard continues their quest for.. da hyberbalance! Too bad the fun disappears with it too.

      • i dont see how having a weapon switch adds anything to fun? being forced to make choices on what stat you want to stack is much more interesting to me than having the ability to do it all

  14. My luck is shit, straight up when it comes to finding my own gear in game I’ll find the cow level in Diablo 3 before I find an upgrade for myself. But ya know what…I know that and that’s what I love about D3. Even when I put MF gear on most the time I find nothing better.

  15. Off peak rolling restarts. Does that mean the hotfix is live already since it is technically the next morning from when that post was made.

  16. stupid alpha-version game

  17. I’ve found about 10, 200 hour played. But every single one of them is vendor trash. So they’re not really that rare.

    Now set item, that is rare.

  18. well i am not sure what you are all doing,

    i have amazing mf, i drop like 100 legendaries a minute, i go to the auction house type in what i want and pages of results are shown.

    if i work hard and collect enough gold that item can be mine!

    well over 200 hours and i have 10 legendaries at least.

    my farming spot is the best i just do not hope it gets nerfed.

  19. I’ve found 6 legendaries I think with about 150 hrs played but always just while leveling from normal monsters not wearing any MF gear

  20. The easiest solution, instead of losing your Valor buffs, is to add a CD on all stat changes when changing gear. If it took 2, 3, 4, 5… minutes for that MF to actually take affect, it would no longer be an efficient way to farm gear. You would be better off just killing LOTS in a shorter time to gain the same amount of drop chances. Likewise, this promotes finding Inferno worthy gear that also has magic find on it.

  21. I have over 250 hours played and just 2 vendor trash legendaries found. I found a 2H Monk Staff (Daibo?) in act 2 normal that had like 30DPS and some shit stats. Then I found wizard spike from The Warden in Act 1 Inferno. It had I think 200-300dps 1 hand and some pretty useless stats. I don’t have any magic find other than from NV’s. Finding a legendary is cool but 99.999% are about as useful as a few rares you can find farming act 1 inferno champion mobs and bosses in just 1 run.

    At least if Blizzard called them Unique I could understand why their some of the worst and still rarest items in the game, but legendary is a joke 😛

    All that said, I still have hope for Diablo 3 in the future if they can get on the right track with patches.

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