Our most prolific columnist of olden days was Lorelorn. He wrote 58 installments of The Ninth Circle, and hit some very interesting topics, as even the first eleven columns should demonstrate. For instance, notice #6-8 down there? Lorelorn was speculating about the design of Diablo III, all the way back in early 2003, when, as we now know, the original D3 team at Blizzard North was hard at work on the game.

    We don’t yet know that much about the overall design of Diablo III, and all we know about the Blizzard North’s initial version can be gleaned from comments we’ve recently brought you from Ben Boos and Mike Huang, but it’s interesting to compare Lorelorn’s early ideas, and the tons of reader feedback he included in those columns, to what’s come out about D3 over the past couple of weeks.

    Here are Lorelorn’s first eleven columns, excerpted from his columnist index page. I’ll be adding the rest, about 10 at a time, over the next couple of weeks. (I’m alternating between the columnists each day, to a spicin’ up the act’ativities.)

    The Ninth Circle, by Lorelorn
    [*]A Patch or a Crutch?—Nov 12, 2002
    [*]Baang: Or Why I No Longer Buy Games—Dec 1, 2002
    [*]The World Cyber Games—Dec 23, 2002
    [*]Why Are We Here?—Jan 13, 2003
    [*]Bricks and Bouquets I (Feedback)—Feb 5, 2003
    [*]Designing Diablo III: Game and Plot—Feb 19, 2003
    [*]Designing Diablo III: Characters—Mar 5, 2003
    [*]Designing Diablo III: Items—Mar 19, 2003
    [*]The Best Part I: Games—Apr 2, 2003
    [*]The Best Part II: Companies—Apr 16, 2003
    [*]The Best Part III: Designers—Apr 30, 2003

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