Another day, another columnist from the days of yore. Today brings us the entire, 14-installment run of The Lion’s Toes, a humorous, post-modernist take on the game of Diablo II and the people who play it. This one ran from late 2003 into mid-2004, and reading over them tonight I had quite a few laughs. Plus, b.netters being b.netters, most of the jokes are as topical now as they were 4 years ago. (And 40 years from now, I fear, when nubs will be teh suxor on our satellite-linked, virtual reality corneal implants.)

    1. Five Ways to Avoid Being Killed by a Cow—Oct 20, 2003
    2. Roleplay Your Way to a Better Diablo II—Nov 3, 2003
    3. Smarter Barter is Better—Nov 17, 2003
    4. Same Planet, Different Worlds—Dec 1, 2003
    5. The Cream of the Crap—Dec 15, 2003
    6. Lament of the Sugar Junkie—Jan 12, 2004
    7. It Must Be True!—Jan 26, 2004
    8. Stop the World: I Want To Get Off—Feb 23, 2004
    9. Walls of Fire, Balls of Ice—Mar 8, 2004
    10. Deja Vu—Mar 22, 2004
    11. Deja Vu Part II, More of the Same—Apr 5, 2004
    12. Psychic Ready—May 3, 2004
    13. Slaves to the Grind—May 31, 2004
    14. Once Upon a Time—July 28, 2004

    Author Biography

    Leon (AKA Robert McGrath-Kerr) is a university student in Canberra, Oz.  Only 19 years old, he has absolutely no long-term or short-term memory to speak of. Remarkably, he achieved this without the aid of drugs, and would be rather proud of himself if he could only remember where he left his pants.

    He enjoys reading and sleeping, and he thinks kittens are wonderful. His ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely of fudge, while making lots of money from his awful attempts at fantasy literature. His sanity is only occasionally questioned.


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