Columnists Resurrected: Salem’s Fire

As promised, here’s another batch of classic D2 columns, resurrected for your weekend reading pleasure.  This time it’s Salem’s Fire, #23-34. These columns were originally published during 2003, and they touch on RPGs, fantasy, technology, gaming, and other topics that we can only hope will be relevant to your interests. Click to see a list of all the Salem’s Fire columns, or head right to any one from this latest batch that catches your fancy.

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1 thought on “Columnists Resurrected: Salem’s Fire

  1. The problem with runewords isn’t the lack of randomness, it’s the lack of variety. They were the best items you could get, so why bother with anything else? Instead of adding a billion random options, they could add a billion VIABLE items which can be crafted in some sure way.
    That way you can make whatever item you want, and still be different from everyone else.
    I just don’t like the idea of random crafting. It requires you to spend way too much time outside of the game, and is a horrible waste of time.
    I wouldn’t mind it if there were different ingredients you could collect by killing monsters and doing quests that could be used to create items with very little randomness. As long as there are many different ingredients and many ways to put them together, you’ll still have lots of variety.

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