Our sixth (out of eight) resurrected columnist is Salem, AKA Luke Blaize. He wrote 45 installments of Salem’s Fire during 2002-2004, while a student at the University of Evansville, Indiana. Salem’s columns covered intellectual property rights issues, consoles vs. PCs, single player style Diablo, and even, one time… stuffed animals. Stuffies! The first 11 are now online, and we’ll add the rest over the next few weeks.
    [LIST=1][*]A Vision of the Future—Nov 12, 2002
    [*]An Appeal for Sanity—Nov 18, 2002
    [*]Open Source Fiction—Dec 9, 2002
    [*]Also in the Box—Dec 30, 2002
    [*]System Wars 1: The Death of Consoles?—Jan 20, 2003
    [*]System Wars 2: The Console of Tomorrow—Jan 28, 2003
    [*]System Wars 3: A Clearer Picture—Feb 3, 2003
    [*]Stuffed Animals are my Friends Too!—Feb 17, 2003
    [*]Help, I’m in Single Player!—Mar 3, 2003
    [*]People Like to Watch Games—Mar 17, 2003
    [*]April 1st, Blizzard Style—Mar 31, 2003

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