A slow weekend (punctuated, for some, by frantic work on this) summons forth another batch of classic columns from the Diabloii.net archives. This time it’s Garwulf’s Corner, installments 21-30. These columns were written in 2001, and like all of the Garwulf’s Corners, they discuss gaming culture, computers, fantasy literature, and more. Garwulf’s # 23 had the misfortune to appear on September 11, 2001, necessitating a change in the usual column content. Reading it now is a bit of a step into a time capsule, and brought back some memories for me. Am I the only one who seldom leaves the TV on, and who thus first heard about the World Trade Tower attacks from hyperventilating chatters in the D2 Battle.net chat?

    The full listing of Garwulf’s Corner columns can be seen here.

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