Today brings another block of columns from one of our former columnists. Flux’s Decahedron was a top ten (ish) best/worst list and discussion of various key elements of Diablo II. Monsters, spells, areas, waypoints, characters, types of people on battle.net, etc. Flux intended his columns to be informative, provocative, and humorous. They weren’t meant to be serious strategic arguments and policy positions, but his writing was sometimes deadpan enough that the difference was indiscernible, such as when column 3 touched off a 150+ post flame fest in the Necromancer forum. And I wasn’t even speaking of myself in the third person, back then.

    The first five of Flux’s columns are now online, and can be viewed by clicking on the shiny red letters below. Only five today since 1) these columns are really long, 2) they use a lot of formatting and images and are time-consuming to convert from HTML into the the forum script, and 3) we’re about to make some changes to the site news script and I’ll probably have to paste these damn things in again next week.
    [*]Ten Worst Monster Types—Nov 27, 2002
    [*]Ten Best Monster Types—Dec 4, 2002
    [*]Ten Best/Worst Characters—Dec 11, 2002
    [*]Ten Worst Areas—Dec 18, 2002
    [*]Ten Best Areas—Dec 25, 2002

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