Behind the Veil was written by Chris Marks, and it chronicled the development process of an independent MMORPG he and some friends were creating. Columns feature advice on creating design statements, getting programmers to play nicely with content guys, keeping the project on line, and more. Chris even threw in the occasional interview with notable individuals in the gaming industry.

    Tragically, the game Chris was working on met the same fate as so many other independent projects, and did not survive the development process. More happily, Chris is going to start up his column again, and we’ll have those appearing regularly in the weeks to come. He’ll be writing primarily about Diablo 2 and 3 now, but his first column is going to postmortem BtV v1.0, and let us know what happened to the game he spent so long working on and chronicling.

    See the archives of Behind the Veil v1.0 in our columnists section.

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