Behind the Veil was written by Chris Marks, from 2003-2005. Chris was a college student who spent his weekends (and weeknights) working semi-professionally on an MMORPG, and his column chronicled the production of a computer game from behind the scenes (hence the title). The first 10 of his 31 columns are listed below, and while they’re all good, the Bill Roper interview in #6 is probably the early highlight. It’s was conducted shortly after Bill left Blizzard North and co-founded Flagship Studios, and in the interview Bill talks about how he got started in the industy, the keys to making successful computer games, and more.
    [*]A Computer Game, You Say?—Oct 6, 2003
    [*]The Color of Money—Oct 24, 2003
    [*]My Dad’s Smarter Than Your Dad—Nov 14, 2003
    [*]A Cow Level? Are You Serious?—Dec 5, 2003
    [*]Wait a Second, This Isn’t English!—Dec 27, 2003
    [*]BtV Interviews: Bill Roper—Jan 16, 2004
    [*]Look, it’s Like I Told You—Jan 30, 2004
    [*]Don’t Start Vast Projects with Half-Vast Ideas —Feb 13, 2004
    [*]For the Player’s Sake—Feb 27, 2004
    [*]Where Were You Thursday Night?—Mar 12, 2004

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