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    [*]Baranor’s Den #8: Its Dead, but I Cannot really say if It Was a Horse or Not, by Baranor
    [*]Baranor’s Den #7: It’s a dead horse and we have the right to beat it, by Baranor.
    [*]Baranor’s Den #6: Its a Dead Horse, but Someone has to Beat it, by Baranor.
    [*]Baranor’s Den #5: Mid-Game Crisis, by Baranor.
    [*]Dead Fish #3, by Brother Laz.
    [*]Baranor’s Den #4: The Perfect Gamer’s Diet, by Baranor.
    [*]Dead Fish #2, by Brother Laz.
    [*]Baranor’s Den #3, My Tribe, Your Tribe, by Baranor
    [*]Baranor’s Den #2, Death Incarnate, by Baranor
    [*]Baranor’s Den #1, Lovecraft’s Inheritance, by Baranor
    [*]Dead Fish #1, by Brother Laz.

    Retired Columnists:
    The following links redirect to the individual author pages, each of which has a brief bio and a full listing of all their columns.
    [*]Behind the Veil, by Chris Marks
    [*]Bone Appetit, by Osteomata
    [*]Fortuitous Epiphaneia, by Drandimere
    [*]Flux’s Decahedron, by Flux
    [*]Garwulf’s Corner, by Robert Marks
    [*]The Ninth Circle, by Lorelorn
    [*]The Lion’s Toes, by Leon
    [*]Salem’s Fire, by Salem

    We are looking for additional columnists to chronicle the twists and turns of Diablo III’s development, or to cover the vibrant Diablo II community. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with Flux.

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