Columnist Resurrected: The Ninth Circle

It’s a slow news weekend, so here’s some more goodness from the columnist archives. Eleven more installments of The Ninth Circle”>Lorelorn’s The Ninth Circle. All were originally published in 2004, and even if you don’t want Diablo II discussion from back then, you owe it to your brain to check out the five installments of Lorelorn’s Reading Room. In that series of columns makes recommendations of the best contemporary offerings in fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, and history, along with a fifth column of reader feedback and additional recommendations. I’ve not read everything on his list, but I agree with Lorelorn on almost everything he says is worth reading in the various categories. Plus I’ve got a long flight to and from a tropical vacation coming up in a couple of months, and a big list of book recommendations couldn’t have come at a much better time.

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1 thought on “Columnist Resurrected: The Ninth Circle

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