Now that we’ve surmounted various technical difficulties, the work of all of our classic D2 columnists is now back online. Not all the columns have yet been re-posted, but at least some columns from every author are once again available. And they’re even conveniently sorted, thanks to the categories system we’ve got going now. In the immediate future we’re going to be adding in more of the archived columns, as well as getting some new columnists going.  Today’s update brings another 10 columns from our longest-running column of yesteryear; The Ninth Circle. Lorelorn turned out 58 of these back in the mid-00s, and today’s resurrection runs from #21-30.

    These were initially posted in late 2003 and early 2004, and they cover a variety of gaming topics including the ongoing demise of gaming print magazines, the failure of MMORPGs to really take off outside of Asia, great moments in classic games, and more. Check them out via the links below, or see the full run of The Ninth Circle via the category listing.

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