To spice up the ongoing DiabloWikiDiablo drought? here’s another batch of resurrect Diablo 2 columns. This one brings a few reposted installments of Flux’s Decahedron from early2003, complete with all the bad necromancer jokes, sarcasm, snark, and obscure and obsolete v1,09 era game references you could ever want.

    Number 11 was quite comprehensive in its coverage of the best/worst item sets in the game (based on their status in v1.09) and had so much feedback I had to post it in two installments, since the word count broke our news script. (Seriously.) That one is fairly dated at this point, since more recent patches changed a lot of item stats, and runeword mudflation has reduced item sets to a complete afterthought.

    Columns 12 and 13, on the other hand, are still quite relevant, as they compare the best features of Diablo I vs. Diablo II. Both games did a lot of things very well, but for all that Diablo 2 improved on the first game, it was not better in every area. These two columns each generated a ton of reader mail (yes, people actually used to send emails, back before websites all had comments enabled) and fan opinions were fairly split over whether D2 was actually an improvement over D1. Check out the columns, refresh your memory, and contemplate some future columns running this same sort of comparison with Diablo 3 thrown into the mix as well. Hell, half the news and commentary we post now does that already, as we compare the planned D3 to the known quantity of D2, with regular memories (of dubious accuracy) cast back to the glory days of D1.

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