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Just like WoW in-game chat it looks like we will get support for colours in the Diablo 3 chat. A nifty user posted on his blog a guide to how you can change the colour of your chat text in Diablo III. This is not supported by the UI in the game at the moment but I hope we get this at release. It is not only colours that can be changed, but there is support for some icons as well. What stands out is the icon for platinum, does this mean we will get a new higher currency later in an expansion?

To change the text color all you do is type {c:XXXXXXXX}Text{/c} where you change the X to a aRGB value.

{c:FFFF8C00}Dark Orange{/c}

If you want to make your text smaller all you do is add {f_alpha_tiny}text{/f_alpha_tiny}

There are some pre-defined colors that are used for in-game tooltips and item rank.


And then we have the icons


Update: Looks like Blizzard already hot patched it. When trying to do this in the US client we get Error: 45 but no error popup in the EU clients.

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11 thoughts on “Customise Colour in Chat

  1. ‘Colourise’, What sort of verb is that? Blend of ‘colour’ and ‘customise’?

      • Actually the bloody word exists. Looked it up in the dictionary. Shame on me!

        ‘colourize or colourise or US colorize (?k?l??ra?z) vb to add colour electronically to (an old black-and-white film)’

  2. I saw “colorized chat” posted here quite awhile ago. I don’t know if it was the same person. Now I’m going to have to find the post

    here we go, found it

    h t t p : //

  3. “What stands out is the icon for platinum, does this mean we will get a new higher currency later in an expansion?”
    Doubt it. It’s just easier to track 1000s of gold at a time by converting it over to 1 Platinum per 1000 gold.
    Gold piles up pretty fast in this game.

    • Huh? Is it really easier to track 10 Platinum 359 Gold over 10359 Gold and thus having to worry about two values? I doubt that. 

  4. Even in the beta there are ppl with more than 1 million gold, so it would be a wise decision to use some other currency to reduce the huge numbers in the game. Platinum is a good solution.

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