Collector's EditionThere are reports appearing in our forums of people receiving bad news from online retailers they have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition from. Buy.Com and Gamestop have both sent emails to inform people their orders are now cancelled. It’s for different reasons but it’s worth checking your own order to be sure. Buy.Com oversold so site reader Neter unfortunately got bumped. Gamestop just seem to have cancelled CoQui’s order but after phoning he managed to get it re-ordered.

    I got confirmation myself from Game this week that my copies were still on order and would be dispatched prior to 14th and getting clarification on that was like pulling teeth I can tell you.  They were a little fuzzy why getting it to me on the 15th wasn’t quite good enough.  The morning post will simply not do!  They are sold out and taking no more pre-orders.  I contacted ShopTo, AmazonUK, GameStop and Tesco and all are sold out of Collector’s Editions.

    Kaydee tells me he’s been checking around the Swedish online retailers this week and all but one is out of stock.  Retrospelbutiken still has some in stock and by way of celebration of this fact they’ve bumped the price up from 995 SEK to 1995 SEK.

    The worst news is from Germany, where online retailer Hitfox has cancelled thousands of D3CE orders that they can not fill due to insufficient stock. This less than a week before release, after luring fans in with discounted prices. The customer rage is strong over this, as you might imagine, and Daniel points us to a 200+ comment rage thread on Diablo.InGame.de.

    In happier news the Devs have been busy signing copies of the Collector’s Edition today. Thanks to Karim for one pic and Jay Wilson’s twitter for the other. Jay has also tweeted a few replies about them, for added infos:

    Huh, didn’t realize they were pre-signed. About how many signed copies are going to be available at the event?
    These are not for the event, they are mostly for employees and friends. The events have real live devs who sign. –Jay Wilson

    All CE will be signed?
    No. That would likely kill the team. :)We sign some boxes for employees and friends and sign at launch events.

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