Collector’s Edition Woes

There are reports appearing in our forums of people receiving bad news from online retailers they have pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition from. Buy.Com and Gamestop have both sent emails to inform people their orders are now cancelled. It’s for different reasons but it’s worth checking your own order to be sure. Buy.Com oversold so site reader Neter unfortunately got bumped. Gamestop just seem to have cancelled CoQui’s order but after phoning he managed to get it re-ordered.

I got confirmation myself from Game this week that my copies were still on order and would be dispatched prior to 14th and getting clarification on that was like pulling teeth I can tell you.  They were a little fuzzy why getting it to me on the 15th wasn’t quite good enough.  The morning post will simply not do!  They are sold out and taking no more pre-orders.  I contacted ShopTo, AmazonUK, GameStop and Tesco and all are sold out of Collector’s Editions.

Kaydee tells me he’s been checking around the Swedish online retailers this week and all but one is out of stock.  Retrospelbutiken still has some in stock and by way of celebration of this fact they’ve bumped the price up from 995 SEK to 1995 SEK.

The worst news is from Germany, where online retailer Hitfox has cancelled thousands of D3CE orders that they can not fill due to insufficient stock. This less than a week before release, after luring fans in with discounted prices. The customer rage is strong over this, as you might imagine, and Daniel points us to a 200+ comment rage thread on

In happier news the Devs have been busy signing copies of the Collector’s Edition today. Thanks to Karim for one pic and Jay Wilson’s twitter for the other. Jay has also tweeted a few replies about them, for added infos:

Huh, didn’t realize they were pre-signed. About how many signed copies are going to be available at the event?
These are not for the event, they are mostly for employees and friends. The events have real live devs who sign. –Jay Wilson

All CE will be signed?
No. That would likely kill the team. :)We sign some boxes for employees and friends and sign at launch events.

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  1. Are they signed, then going up the plastic collector belt to be sealed?…. Which might be worth more than everyone else going to the midnight launch having to buy there CE, Open it, then have everyone sign it… NON-Sealed…. Is this fair to everyone else?….

  2. I recently have fear worried about this very issue, thats why i emailed bestbuy customer support just to be sure my order was good to go. Heres the message and response for those getting it from bestbuy:

    Hello Bestbuy employee,I wanted to ask about a recent item I had preordered to be picked up at the Bestbuy store in Alpharetta, GA. It’s a copy of Diablo 3 Collectors Edition, released on May 15th, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pick it up on May 15 or will I need to wait several days after release? To summarize, will my copy be waiting for me if I come to the store at 10am the morning and pick it up immediately. Thank you for your time,David M 

    Response:  Hi David, I hope your doing well today! I wanted to let you know that on 5/15 you can pick up your Diablo 3 Collectors Edition game after you receive a “Ready for Pick Up” confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation on the release date kindly call the store directly at: (678) 339-1321 or call 888-BEST BUY. Otherwise a copy will be held under your name in store. If you should have any further questions or concerns kindly reply back to this email and I’ll be glad to help! Thank you for choosing Best Buy! 

    So basically mines good to go for in store pickup and if it gets cancelled there will be hell to pay, but i should have a copy since my bank account has already been dipped for the $100 so I either get a copy or theres hell to be seen lol.

    • I ordered mine online from best-buy. I called them today and the customer service agent said that usually pre-ordered games would be shipped so they would be received on the release day itself. I’m praying that he is wrong and that I receive it on the 14th, so i can play right at midnight…one can always hope.

      • Apokk, if you ordered the game online through Best Buy’s website, you will get it on Tuesday the 15th. I have pre-ordered games from Best Buy before, and they arrived the day the game was meant to be released, never before! You could get it delivered early in the morning, or even late afternoon, but you have a better chance of seeing the Pope naked, than getting D3 the day before! Good Luck!

  3. … Wait they changed the image just 2 seconds ago with about 50 CE boxes going up a convary belt to this with a water bottle next to it..

  4. Yuck.  I think I’ll call my local gamestop tomorrow and make sure they haven’t somehow forgotten my pre-order or mismanaged their amount of stock.  Considering I ordered the thing back in November (and could have placed another order with a different store had I known), I’ll be pretty pissed off if something like that happens.

  5. I think people under-estimated the value of the CE’s.  Flux might be eating his own words!  If you want to talk about it Flux…I’ll meet you at Shanghai Tunnel in Portland one night…  =)

  6. I just went into my local Game Stop a few hours ago and payed off my CE and CE strategy guide. I told the manager who helped me, that I had read about retailers having a shortage on CE’s. I just wanted to make sure I would get mine, and she told me that they were promised ONLY the pre-orders on CE’s and NO extra’s for any walk in customers, or customers who want to upgrade. I expected this to happen!

  7. FU Jay
    for $40 extra for the CE it should cum with your man juice and all the others who worked on it.

  8. Yeah I thought the same thing, “Really ?”.

  9. Who is actually buying one but will never open it? After all, it is called ‘collectors edition’.

  10. I definitely open mine to use the wings lol 😉 (assuming i actually get it from bestbuy… after preordering it)

  11. Mine, I ordered from, got cancelled. Fu**ing shit…

    Guys, never ever use in your life. 

    • you might be able to find one at target, walmart, or any place that doesn’t take pre-orders.   Some Walmarts are open 24/7 so you might still be able to get it at midnight if your lucky.

  12. And what should I have to say? From my country all CE are moving to UK and USA, and we (even when we pre ordered like 6 months earlier and paid for it) still left with spare change… For blizzard our hard worked and earned money stinks… Well, let me politely say to them – Fuck You.

  13. Amazon better not cancel mine, I’ll be really pissed if it happened.

  14. If I don’t get my CE I will try to get one on release night at some store.
    If that fails as well, then “oh well, that’s life” 🙂
    The truth is one week from now, most people that preordered and didn’t get CE will be busy gaming D3 anyways.

  15. Thank god i ordered from Amazon.

  16. Happy News, we’ve signed a big bunch of boxes.. for ourselves and our family members. Not sure why they even posted they were doing it.

    • I’m not sure why friends and family members would even be interested in their signatures. Wouldn’t family members just get signatures with a birthday card or something. 😛

      Maybe it’s so their family can e-bay the CE and get rich quick? 

  17. I have 3 CEs preordered at Gamestop (from 5 months ago), and 2 preordered from (after seeing how valuable they’d be, best investment this year) Target canceled my order then reprocessed it. As far as I know I’ve still got 5 coming within the next two weeks.

  18. Those boxes look ruined.

  19. As much as I wanted to buy a CE I just couldn’t bring myself to trust retailers to deliver what I ordered exactly on-time. It still pains me even now to have to miss the release party in Irvine (I live an hour away) because I need to be home at midnight to try and log in on my digital copy.
    But those are the choices I’ve made! From my own experiences over the years (yes I’m older than you) I’ve learned it’s always better to be in control of these situations as much as possible. Nobody cares what you want more than you do, so grab the bull be the nuts and don’t leave anything to chance if you can help it!

    • Dude, for shame, if I lived 6 hours away from Irvine I’d probably truck it just to get a signed copy. 1 hour!?!? Well to each their own.  I live in Minnesota so. 😛

  20. In Poland online shop also canceled some pre-orders on CE (I don’t know exact numbers). They say it was because of the distrubutor who lowered number of copies. Distrubutor said it’s fault of which pre-ordered more then they were promised. Who’s telling thruth ? We will never know.

  21. All i get from this post is: Dang, Swedish prices are up there. -_-

    On a side note, i preordered my D3 in 2010 or thereabouts, so I think I’m in the clear 😛 

  22. Just to be sure, I ordered (and paid) for a second copy when it popped up on a Dutch site 2 days ago (also a steal at 72€). Still, somehow, I am worried. Not about getting rid of my spare copy though…

  23. godamn!! you almost gave me a fuggin heart attack 5 days before release!!! phew thank god I managed to squeeze in my own preorder on Amazon exactly 2 months ago, couple of days before they ceased preorders! not to mention the second one coming from a good friend :)…..though maybe we should check that one as well

  24. Just wanted to inform that another swedish store also is selling Collectors edition for Extremely bumped up prices. I mailed the store askign if they had any CE left in stock. This is the answer i got:

    Swedish version:


     det går eventuellt att ordna priset är 2 299 kr ink. frakt.
     Hör av dig snarast om det är intressant!
    Rough English translation:


    We could probably arrange it. The price is 2 299 SEK (original price in sweden is 990-995 SEK) including shipping, Reply soon if you are interested!

    I cannot believe that they can get away with it.

    And BTW that is listed in the post here on the site, that is selling the CE for higher price. They have another site, that over at that site it’s sold out, they basicly said it’s sold out for the normal prize,  and put copies in their more expencive store instead for double prize.

  25. I preordered from GAME and they cancelled my order because it was “over 1000g”.
    Pure bullshit excuse

  26. I paid the remaining $89.95 ontop of my $50 deposit from October last year and the Staff member didn’t mention any woe’s to me so im assuming its all smooth sails 😀

  27. I pre-ordered my CE at a local Gamestop in November and STILL I’m terrified by the prospective of not finding my copy this Tuesday morning.

    I am going to bring my pitchfork, some gasoline and a book of matches with me, just in case.

    Captcha: guinea pig. This does not bode well.

  28. I have seen this happen with gamestop in the past.   I hope this is a one off thing or I expect to see a lot of really pissed of people trashing stores on the 15th.     My Amazon copy is still safe and I still plan on hitting my local walmart and Target to see if they have extras on the 15th. 

  29. I remember a forum post about the cheap CE’s from that German website and warning everyone in that thread to be weary… To bad they didn’t listen. :\

  30. Oh, wow! A computer nerd signed my Diablo III CE. Yippie! Can’t wait to show the family and friends.

  31. Well, I just got a call from my local gamestop to tell me that I can pick up my CE at release, so I’m pretty relieved! 😀

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