CNN Covers Diablo III’s Community Debates

Fmulder started a lively forum thread with a link to this article on CNN, we reported the other day.  It covers a number of the various fan dissatisfactions with the game since launch.

The article has an odd tone, as it talks about the various fan rages and raves, and quotes Bashiok and other forum posters, but it’s in journalistic style, so it’s kind of stilted and artificial. It reminded me of how NY Times articles on pop music say things like, “the lyrical stylings of Ms. Gaga and Mr. West.”

Forward it to your parents if they want to know what you’ve been doing with your life since May. I bet Mr. Bashiok already did. A quote:

Will players still be around for the changes? Some say they have gotten all the enjoyment they can and are moving on. Others say they continue to play, seeking greater rewards in what they can do already.

With so many players and fans of the franchise, Blizzard is trying to hit a moving target. It isn’t going to be able to please everyone, and the forum boards will continue to fill with players who aren’t happy with X or want more of Y.

What’s funny is that some players who have said they are abandoning “Diablo III” are still hanging around its forums to ask those playing why they’re still in the game. While some posts are mocking, others really want to know whether there is something they’ve missed, some aspect of the game they haven’t seen. Perhaps fans are willing (hoping?) to believe there is more to be discovered in Sanctuary.

So how are you guys feeling about Diablo 3 these days? That’s obviously a pretty open question, but it seems like the initial wave of “OMG finally finally” which quickly swelled into, “this game is not meeting my impossibly high expectations” has crested, and most of the, “the end game item system sucks” wave is ebbing as well. So now we’ve accepted the state of the game and while some still love Diablo III, most of us are floating around and hoping for improvements. Will the balance changes and skills overhaul in v1.0.4 bring renewed hope and joy? Further disappointment? Or will we just keep treading water and hoping for salvation from the future Arena and Sets/Uniques overhaul?

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    67 thoughts on “CNN Covers Diablo III’s Community Debates

    1. I haven’t really logged in since beating Inferno last week. I don’t really have any desire to get a 2nd character through. I expect I’ll go back to the game at some point. It just might not be till a few patches down the road.

      • See people?

        This guy is keeping his cool. I’m fine with his opinion. Don’t run around acting like a lunatic on these forums and article comment posts.

    2. Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not… that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

      • Selling copies off the back of the success of D2 does not make D3 a good game.

        • likewise, Not living up to the expectations generated by the success of D2 does not make D3 a bad game.

          • True, which is more or less my point below. D3 is not a “bad” game, but it certainly isn’t a “good” game, and this is not contingent upon the success or failure of previous titles.

      • Ironic isn’t it? The sheer scale of the backlash from the Diablo franchise fans is because D3 sold so well. It dug its own grave because of the overwhelmingly successful marketing and strong prequels, so to speak.

        • If you mean to say that D3 is disproportionately crap due to the size of it’s user base, then I have a trick you might like to try at home. Look in the mirror, then close your eyes. You disappear! You could entertain yourself for hours.

          Without the sarcasm, it dug its own grave by declining to build on well tested, proven methods embodied by its prequels. How many people do or do not use the product is irrelevant to the point being made (which is my point).

    3. I’m thoroughly enjoying the game, clocking in 2-3 hours every day. I do not touch softcore.

      In HC good low-level items have value, the AH works great, players are generally nicer and more competent, there is a sense of accomplishment when achieving something…

      • Same here. With a full-time job and non-video game life, at this point I have gotten 2.5 characters through normal and am still really enjoying the game when I play. I feel like I still have a lot more to see with the other classes and all the skills I haven’t tried yet for the ones I have played, not to mention the higher difficulties and achievements. I suspect that the vast majority of people are in our boat. There’s a certain, shall we say, profile of person who would have already taken every class through Inferno and felt they had already wrung out all the game had to offer that would also be more inclined to take the time to be frequently and loudly vocal about it on the forums. 😆

    4. the new generation of gamers are too accustomed to having everything handed to them. when they don’t get their way, they’d rather jump on a forum and start barking instead of thinking how to overcome an obstacle. this is obvious to me when i hear people say we NEED to use the auction house to play. no. we can either buy items others have been lucky to find or we can invest the time and energy to find our own loot. time and energy is scary to some.

      • I’m not sure where you draw this cinclusion from aside from the many other people who have parroted these remarks as if they were their own.

        I am from the old school, hardcore generation of gamers and I quit D3 after the stealth nerf to resistances in the drop rate hotfix. Even if they fix it now they’ve already lost me due to the lack of any response on the issue which has filled at least threads to max on the official forums.

        Also D3 in its current form mostly punishes and does not reward. Maybe this is because, according to bashiok, the devs wanted us using mostly legendaries and set items with the occasional very well rolled rare which, if the case, would explain why probability of finding a good rare is so low. However, if that was their intention I just cannot fathom how they could have released the game with the legendaries the way they were such that they were almost all worse than even very poorly rolled yellows.

        I could go on but I think I’ll wrap it up there.

      • Most use the Auction House as a means to be proportionately rewarded for their time, instead of right-clicking to ID a nearly endless supply of completely worthless gear.

        People pay for entertainment and are entitled to whatever opinion they please, douche.

    5. I never, ever thought I’d be saying this but…

      …I’ve quit Diablo III for now and have picked up League of Legends.


      I’ll be back, I’m sure, but I’m just bored to death of farming (farming gold, not even items, which is actually exciting)

      Captcha: Pin money.


    6. I wouldn’t say the wave has ebbed down. Not for me anyway. Diablo 3 has been marked down as my personal most disappointing videogame release ever. And more than likely, there it will stay. Stopped playing since over a week ago. Just couldn’t bring myself to force to enjoy it anymore. Impossibly high expectations ? Yes, but they didn’t even manage to make it fun to play, so the fault is more theirs than ours.

    7. haven’t logged in for about a month. Game blew hard, one of the worst games I’ve ever played. It’s so mindblowing how much I hate this game and blizzard for what they’ve done. I keep seeing comments saying stuff like “it’s early, patches can fix blah blah blah” but in my mind, the whole game is broken. I don’t see them fixing cains death scene, that butterfly bitch, the storytelling, the bad bosses, bad voice acting, etc. If people have to skip scenes to make the game bearable, that’s a massive flop imo. I’m selling my account before it’s too late. Why am I still here? I enjoy the news/posts about how d3&x,y,z sucks and also posts that work against blizzard. They deserve all the hate they can get

    8. Loving the game, playing hardcore incessantly. 336hrs 14min, not counting the untracked AH whoring (ballpark +100hrs).

      Disclaimer: i am a hardcore fan of ARPGs (D1, D2, TL, PoE, D3) and that’s not going to change.

      • Been playing HC exclusively but pretty disappointed in the game overall, hope it gets a serious injection of depth/flavor in coming patches. AH and RMAH hav balls’d up the item hunt

    9. While I found the combat fun and the cinematics very enjoyable (and even the high points of the game), once you see beyond those, the game’s pretty empty. There isn’t all that much replay value unlike D2 where you had endless possibilities with character re-rolls and trying out new builds.

      This game was in development for 6 years (!!), and I was fairly underwhelmed with the amount of content and lack of polish for such a long development cycle. I expected much better out of Blizz for all their PR talk. They could have had a great game on their hands. Shame.

    10. Loving the game. Been playing hardcore, just went back to play with a friend in softcore.
      I really don’t understand what people expected out of it. D2 was a item grind and so is this… To each their own. To me it is very much a diablo game.

    11. i think a lot of the gamers were expecting another replacement for their lives, like WoW. turns out d3 is just a challenging video game. i would hope playing a video game all day everyday gets boring. it should.

    12. Losing a bit of interest in the item grind, but I think that’s because Blizz have said it will be improved and, effectively, it’s worthless finding things now (particularly legendaries/sets) since they will be improved in the future.

      However, I love playing the game, and really enjoying HC at the moment. That may change if I die again 🙂

    13. Stopped a month ago, even while playing hc exclusively, highest char lvl 57 (alive and AH-equipped to easily move on), not even having beaten hell, there is no fun in continuing. if they find a patch for more fun (adding to sense of accomplishment for starters) I might give it a try later – probably when D3 expansion is released.

      Personally, I’m glad I didn’t buy the CE.

    14. Haven’t logged in like a week or two, waiting for Torchlight II, don’t think I’ll touch D3 again – this game simply can’t be fixed with RMAH around.

    15. Haven’t logged in for two weeks.. It wasn’t even a decision, just don’t have any reason to. I got one character in act1 inferno and the grind is boring (where as in D2 it was the best part).

      In all honesty, I was disappointed from day 1, but managed to get excited in hell / inferno at first. Now it’s boring again.

      Still, I’ve logged 90 hours to a game I bought for 60 euros. That’s a good amount of entertainment, but nowhere near the thousands of hours I put to D2 during the last decade.

      I read this site and these forums, because that’s what I’ve been doing for, like, 13 years. Why change now?

      • Best constructive video on the internet regarding Diablo 3…. period.
        Thanks for sharing.

    16. I usually log on, play until I get to the next waypoint or checkpoint and log off. So I play very little. I find it rather boring really. I never thought I’d say this, but characters have very few customisation options without stats/attributes allocation, skill/skilltrees, etc. Like some of you have already said, it sort of feels quite empty, shame.

    17. Still loving the game. No interest in playing anything else. I have consistently logged about an hour a day since launch. At this pace, there have been some very welcome changes waiting for me as I have slowly reached endgame such as the item drop rate buffs in hell and inferno.

      I’m a lot like Entranced… I’m a sucker for ARPGs (I call them dungeon crawlers). I’ve also had plenty of good item drops including half-a-dozen useful legendaries (one was crap) and I only sell on the AH, I never buy.

      On that note I think people lacking discipline set themselves up for hating this game by buying an item on the AH that took 1000 hours of MF runs and then they wonder why they don’t find anything better in inferno act 1 on a char that has logged 180 hours. If you play like that, you are going to take the piss out of item drops.

      Furthermore I disagree that everyone who has stopped playing right now is “done” with the game. Sure, some of you may be. But unlike a pay-to-play model, there is no barrier to re-entry for D3. When they buff legendaries, people will swarm back. When 1.1 PvP drops, you will finally get those looking for an arena experience flocking to the game. The CNN article did a decent job touching on that.

    18. Diablo 3 is the first game – any game – that made me give up my daily WoW play after all these years.

      At the same time is the best selling PC game since WoW.

      I suddenly realised these are video games, not some way of life.

      One DH in Inferno chasing challenge and trading on the RMAH with crafted goods/mats.

      One monk HC still living after launch without using an AH at all.

      I think I will have a very hard time adapting to WoW again. WoW ‘s gold economy seems so silly now…

      • “Diablo 3 is the first game – any game – that made me give up my daily WoW play after all these years.”

        You didn’t need to write anything else…

    19. I’m in Act 2 in Inferno… I think I’ve hit a wall. Farming isn’t rewarding. It’s a repetitive mess with no item payoff.

      At this stage of the game it’s all gold farming and auction house hunting.

      That’s just not a very fun gaming experience.

      • Rhetorical question: Where do you think the items on the AH came from? Perhaps from many hours of grouped NV runs?

        • Without a doubt. The question for Blizzard is there a big enough group of people willing to farm for gold and buy stuff from the auction house to sustain the game?

          It sounds like it’s not working.

    20. The various feelings of enjoyment or of displeasure rest not so much upon the nature of the external things that arouse them as upon each person’s own disposition to be moved by these to pleasure or pain.

      Immanuel Kant, Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime (1764)

      stole that from an article in the huffingtonpost but it fits. gotta love kant for having been such a weirdo.

    21. Playing HC
      But not actually playing the game for some time right now – have some job to do and waiting for 1.0.4 as well

      1. Gameplay is overall good – lots of space for improvements of course!

      2. Storytelling, voice acting and some Boss battles are indeed very bad

      3. Inferno is overall bad – i would like if later difficulties could have some additional content(Champ affixes, events, new special abilities on some monsters and stuff)

    22. I think I´ll level all 5 classes to 60 (currently only have a level 60 wizard farming act 1 inferno and a barb in 40) to check them all and then wait for Blizzard to make a couple of changes to the game (items and such, many times discussed) or add PvP. I don´t hate the game, I just found a huge wall in act 2 inferno and can´t simply get past by it. It´s no fun dying more than 10 times to the same champions, and then realizing that you can only circle them around just to found another champion pack, as hard as the first. But that means the game needs a few patches, that doesn´t make me hate the game. Also, I think I´ll buy a new stash space only to collect legendaries, since I think it will take a couple of months to fill it 😛

    23. Playing HC from the start with very limited play time, which keeps me interested in the game. I have yet to see Hell difficulty because I spread my playtime over different character classes.

      Also, I continued my playstyle of playing self-found and single pass (no rerunning of areas and/or bosses) in HC which I did the last years of playing D2. Makes the game much more fun and challenging for me – crafting acutally IS very useful for this playstyle, as is shopping for the right gear.

      Also, I didn’t fight my way all through SC to see how the boss fights are like, so it’s always a surprise to find out if I’m equipped well enough for a certain fight. Often a deadly surprise… 🙄

      That way I won’t be quitting the game anytime soon 🙂

      But yes, still a lot of room for improvements.

    24. I’ve stopped logging in all that often. I’ll probably come back a few patches down the road. Maybe even wait till 1.1.0

    25. End game is not fun: small amount of viable builds, sadistic affix combos, kite-fest, not enough loot reward that is usable (3 upgrades since 60, with 350 hours played), doesn’t play like a diablo game, forced cut-scenes, loose hotbar (yeah I know turn off elective, pita to keep doing that), not friendly to short play sessions because of NV lost when logging off, lag lag lag lag, rubberbanding rubberbanding rubberbanding (many times causing death and high repair bills), high repair bills, nerfed gold income, nerfed quick leveling, Blizzard focusing on MF gear swapping instead of real problems, Blizzard slow to fix real problems, Blizzard nerfing the game instead of handling bots, Blizzards attitude towards players in general these days, forced cutscenes, linear play, un-random maps (for the most part) and what is random seems from a pool of pre-created and probably “approved” maps…

      Out of 20 or so on my friends list only 3 were still playing or had played in the previous day when I last logged in about 4 days ago. Family has quit, I’m pretty much done too.

    26. I’m still loving the game. I just finally reached inferno. I do however have my gripes.

      AH/RMAH: Originally thought this was a fine idea. After seeing the effects tho, I’ve changed my mind. wrote a big post about it that got zero replies. (cuz the forums move so fast?) Basically, buying items = skipping progression = quitting the game early. See forcestrategy’s video. He quit right after using the RMAH. He brought it on himself and so have many others. The problem is that it is a method provided to them. Not to mention the fact that item drops are tweaked around the idea of not having the AH flooded with items. This has lead to interesting items being very hard to find. I’ve found only one legendary and zero set items in 300+ hours of play. NOT FUN!!! Thus its time to kill the AH’s. If you agree, please bump my bnet post.

      Farming act4 hell to try to get further in act1 inferno…Well, I’ve done 3 runs now and I’m already slightly frustrated. I know there is a “chance” of good loot. The problem is act4 is so small. By the time you get 5NV, you really only have about 3-5 champ packs left plus Diablo. Takes me about an hour to do that run and it ends too soon. I don’t have the desire after one run to repeat. If it were act3, I could easily play for a lot longer after I’ve reached my 5NV. My suggestion: merge act 3 and 4.

      item chance on hit rates…1-2% seriously way too low. chance to
      fear/stun/etc needs to be at the very least 20% Hopefully this is fixed in their item fixing patch. 1.1 i think?

      boss/mini boss cut scenes. For all the effort they put into not interrupting play, it is a severe face palm when you run into the cut scenes. Especially considering we want to skip them after the first time. It just kills the flow. They really need to never do that again, and offer an option to completely skip the ones that exist.

      can’t remember what else off the top of my head. The dev’s certainly have a lot of work to do to fix this for the long term.

    27. To me, Diablo 3 is a good game. But the result doesn’t correspond to the development time and to the hype/marketing built up by Blizzard.

    28. “Will people stick around?” Hell no… why should we wait 6 months for them to patch their mistakes (legendary items, PVP arena, drop rates, boss modifiers, unbalanced characters, useless skills)? I had another guy I play with occasionally say, “Oh, you’ll be back when the expansion hits” I just finished up with college and I’m really doubting I’ll load up this game when the expansion hits and I’m 30.

        • I wonder about your grades in college 🙂 He means that it will take them another 6+ years (assuming he is early twenties) to make the expansion.

    29. I am still enjoying HC daily. However, in my realm of disappointments, I rank them thus:
      1. rune system changed just before release. Man I thought it would be so cool to level runes instead of skills.
      2. legendaries and set items sucking so bad.
      3. the lack of social game play.
      4. Charms. Man I loved hunting charms to change or suppliment my build.
      5. builds. There are builds, but they just dont seem to stand out from eachother that much.

    30. Will see what the next patch brings.
      Game isn’t that amazingly fun when most your friends have quit already, and the only option left is to gring for money, raise yet more alts, or camp the auction house against people with vastly more money than you.

    31. the more complaints i read the more i wonder if anyone really did play diablo2 on closed bnet ladder.
      diablo2 was a grind to level your character to 99.
      death in hell difficulty would break items, drop all gold on you for anyone to steal or take a percentage from your stash if you didn’t have any on you (after running back to your corpse) AND you’d lose about 1.5 hours of endless baal runs worth of experience.
      repairing a high level magical-unique item costed huge amounts of gold.
      pvp would end in milliseconds because damage values were so high.
      getting a great item meant fighting with everyone else to pick it up first.
      yeah, diablo 3 has its problems but i’m blown away when people compare it to diablo2 and say it’s too frustrating.
      diablo IS repetition. that is its function, anyone who did the endless baal runs and mephisto runs knows this.

      • Dude agree with you 100%… but let me ask this….. what did Blizzard actually did to fix all those problems in D3…. answer : Nothing, apart from making it a semi WoW.

        Diablo is repetition you say….. you need an incentive to repeat something…. Baal runs had an incentive of dropping good loot, that made people coming back for more. Diablo 1, you could open a chest in a random dungeon and had chances of finding The Ring of Truth, Diablo 2, you could get some pretty badA** weapons from racks and stuff……
        What does DIablo 3 drop? what is the incentive to grind and replay this game when you can just BUY stuff to progress…. pay to win. They planned it well….. word is Diablo 3 is a grinding for loot game, so why add an AH? Bli$$ knows…. one portion of the player base will loot….. while the other will just use daddy’s credit card, and a cut from a sale and it’s win win for Blizzard.
        Now to tell you why D3 is compared to D2… well simply because it was supposed to build on proven and working systems that D2 provided, not only did D3 fails at that, but makes the D2 systems look superior and more fun, which quite frankly they are….. I’ve been playing Diablo 1 for 3 week now and logging in D2 hours, D3 is just to boring. D2 was a game for FUN made by people who knew what gaming was… D3 is an Auction house simulator.

        • personally, i just enjoy the action. i view the items as merely a tool to allow me to survive the increased damage value i will encounter the further i go into the game. items are just numbers to me: some are higher, some are lower. i get my enjoyment playing games with my friends. i really enjoy the coop team play in diablo 3 compared to diablo 2.
          i agree diablo 3 became very WoW’ish, but i think it took on some of the better parts of WoW – mostly the team play.
          i disagree that diablo 2 has a better system. the game essentially broke down into cookie-cutter builds and item laundry lists for a character type. but, again i just enjoyed playing the game and slaying demons. i enjoyed the action each and every time. i knew good items would come to me without trying, eventually. i think it is a shame that people are so hung up on pictures with numbers bound to them that they can’t enjoy the action.

          some food for thought: you could make one thousand monks. no two monks would ever be the same. why? the item generation is so random that you could make exact copies and they’d all output different values with different effects. none of their armor/weapon sets could ever be the same.

        • D3 doesn’t inspire the same fan loyalty that D2 did. At this rate, it’s just a matter of time before we have more D2 players than D3. If you’re Acti-Blizz, you have to ask yourself why that is?

          For all the problems they set out to fix in D2, it’s still highly playable 10+ years later. Anyone still going to be playing D3 that long?

    32. A response to the initial article/post by flux. Ill just say the game was destined to fail – we knew it, people predicted it, people explained it, people complained about it, people worried about it. Although we were totally excited for its release and supported the launch of a new diablo, we eventually knew the flaws would outweigh the strengths based upon our understanding of the game as it was being created and explained via blizzard. To me it really isn’t shocking it is just disappointing. I believe had blizzard decided to listen to the diablo community regarding critical issues about the game and changed them before launch, this whole disaster could have been avoided and in turn we could have had a better game.

      • I agree. If Blizzard had been more open to suggestions from the die-hard Diablo community, it could have ultimately been more well received.

        I know it’s their game, and their right to take it in whatever direction they want, but we all wanted a little say in what we thought was “our sequel”, and basically got none.

    33. Haven’t bothered playing for a week or two, and no desire to log in until some changes come about. Disappointed in its initial opening and playstyle(min maxxing ftw is not my idea of fun, even to complete inferno which I probably will not accomplish for a long time) So many things they could change to make this game better, and hopefully like D2 it goes through stages to where it finally evolves into a 1.10+ beast.

    34. This is the best kill-monster-get-loot game I’ve ever played. Far more addicting and satisfying than Diablo 2 which put you in a more comatose state in end game where you farmed the same areas over and over hoping for one item to drop. I don’t know how people can’t see the vast improvement this game offers in terms of simple yet major game play improvements. It’s a world of difference. I love it. Especially the end game where you’re always balancing having better gear, refining your build, and just plain playing better. It’s truly satisfying when you go from fighting for your life against a single pack of elites, to taking on two at a time and surviving (though just by a hair!) so fun, so good, so smooth.

    35. The game is a bit of a disappointment, not because of failed implementation, but because of failed design. It simply doesn’t have a system that makes me want to play endlessly. I spent most of my time in D2 leveling characters to try different builds. I liked doing bloody runs or baal runs for exp, but farming them for items was far less interesting. The item hunt was important but it was good not because you wanted to beat baal faster, but because of pvp and because you wanted to use the items on other characters. D2 repeatedly gave you reason to revisit this hunt with ladder resets and characters expiring, as well as the potential to have more than 1 character of a class with different builds. Diablo 3 has none of this other than hardcore characters dying, and even worse the auction house makes getting good items pretty easy.

      I still plan on leveling my last 2 classes to 60 softcore and making each character good enough to solo act 1 inferno without dying, but I’m actually looking forward to Torchlight 2 release now. I don’t expect Blizzard to make the dramatic changes the game needs to be more interesting. The best thing the D2 item system had that is missing in Diablo 3 is the power of items being independent of level. Now that level 63 items drop in act 1 inferno, Diablo 3 is [i]better[/i], but it still doesn’t have what D2 had. Getting a unique or set item from a level 30 boss that is actually useful past level 35 had tremendous value in the game, especially considering the high level bosses would still drop those items. In diablo 2, every item was relevant because it could be useful dependent on what stats it had. Sure a bonesnap doesn’t compare to some of the elite weapons, even if upgraded, because the ED is far lower, but this is completely overshadowed by the disparity in items in Diablo 3. The best level 30 weapon (not counting level reduced by affix) is probably 400 dps or something. A level 60 can buy an 800 dps 1hander for 10k, so there’s absolutely no way that any level 30 item will stand up to what’s available at level 60.

      Again, changing Diablo 3 to be truly good for long-term enjoyability is probably not something we can count on. I hope the game is improved but I don’t foresee me playing it much between now and the expansion release unless I start becoming serious about hardcore. I raided in WoW not because I wanted better items, but because I enjoyed raiding. I can play inferno with friends and have fun without needing to get new items, but it’s going to get old fast. The game overall is pretty good, but it’s good for a few hundred hours and then there’s not much reason to keep playing.

    36. I moved on with my life a full week after the game came out. Wheee. I went back to D2 for a bit but I think D3 may have tainted my enjoyment of D2.

      When D2 came out I played it no less than several weeks 20 hours a day and then well over 1000 hours over the next few years.

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