Closed Beta on the Verge of Release

After a relatively slow day of Blue posts today, Blizzard’s own Zarhym brightened up the mood by saying that the Beta is on the “final stage” of being released. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah we’ve heard that before!” but here is what Blizzard’s Zarhym had to say in a response to a user who asked why “Blizzard is so opposed to increasing the amount of testers”.

1. Start with a small sample audience to test stability
2. Take bug and crash report feedback; act on them quickly
3. Release new patches to make some very necessary changes in the small test environment
4. Keep testing stability while adding new components
5. If everything is running incredibly smooth after steps 1-4, invite people from the general public to open the flood gates on stress testing and get focused gameplay feedback/bug reports

This is a very layman’s description, but the point is we have to slowly throttle in more people to test the game as we continue to create new builds and work out new functionality. Once the environment is stable and many of the core features are there, we then start to invite the masses.

I’d feel remiss in not mentioning this: we absolutely want everyone to play this game as soon as possible. But to make that a reality, we must first excel in both content and deliverance. (So let’s put on our classics and we’ll have a little dance, shall we?) 😉

Here’s where it gets a bit more interesting:

im guessing we are on step 4 right now?

Basically, yea. 🙂 We’re getting really close! That’s the good news.

That’s probably the closest a blue has gotten to revealing something close to a time-frame for the start of Closed Beta, so we can assume that things are definitely moving in there. According to Zarhym’s comments, they are at the stage where they are trying to keep the server stable while they add things in the background that scale up the capacity of the servers.

I think it’s reasonable to assume that so long as no more major bugs occur during the next update, then Beta will surely follow in a matter of days.

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40 thoughts on “Closed Beta on the Verge of Release

  1. Outside of stress-testing, I wonder how many of the super-eager potential beta-testers ever contribute to testing.  Do they report bugs they find? Do they make suggestions and give feedback?
    Why do I get the feeling that some vast majority of them just fly into emo nerd rages every time the game crashes, or a glitch wipes their character.

    Also, as a winforms developer, I never see hordes of people screaming their desires to test my software…I feel so unloved 🙁 

    – Malignant

    • have you not even seen the official forums with the bug reports ?

      did you not see the news item here a week a go that summarized that list of bugs ?

      • That’s feedback from the F&F beta.
        I would be very interested to know what percentage of Unwashed-Masses-Beta actually provide any form of useful test feedback, other than acting as a stress-tester.

        – Malignant

  2. And the “next update” being scheduled when?? I still hope for a closed beta start before next friday, even though It’s rather impossible for me to be chosen in the first wave (or at all for what matters)

    • It’s not even being in beta that I wish for so badly, I only want it to start asap so I can rest assured that the game is mostly on schedule and we can still hope for this ’11 release…. 😕

      • I completely understand Blizzard ramping up the number of beta testers, but I am so over this F&F beta! I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never get into the beta myself, but I don’t even care anymore. All I want at this point is for the fansites to get the beta so we can finally get some decent analysis and videos, etc. And yeah, the sooner the closed beta starts the sooner it ends and the sooner we’ll all have the real thing!

  3. Hi Azzure, have you noticed that you’ve quoted in the article the same blue post from the Rushster one?

  4. Mh, i dont think we are realy near. What battlenet content have the testet? Only i think, only the AH, and that is not realy smooth atm. What content they can test else? PvP?, Matchmaking?? I dont know…
    We will see, i want also play the game, but we would taken surly in later waves, not in the firsts.

  5. I’am happy that I got in FnF beta, thanks to my friends in Blizzard. It shows in excellent way that the game will be great, but it looks so small and short. And no rune stones make me sad.
    By the way I don’k know what exactly they want to change in Demon Hunter system, but witch doctor needs changes, it is very slow, heavy and weak at the start.

  6. Knowing Blizzard, it will be around 29th of September or something. How can I team devoted to finding bugs not get it fixed within days?

    • To be honest there is nothing forcing Blizzard to stick to the “End of September” estimation. If there are issues on the 30th of September, they will delay it. So at this stage it’s more about hoping nothing goes too wrong rather than hoping they release it sooner than the end of Sep.

  7. Now that there is an official blue post about what we’ve been trying to explain in the forums (Blizzard’s methodology), maybe we’ll stop getting “why me not getting Beta ?!” threads. Ok ok, I know this is not a realistic assumption…

    • If anything this will get more people asking why they arent getting in the beta yet.  It seems like every few days we get someone from Blizzard saying “Were getting really close to the closed beta”, then a few days later “Were getting really really close to the closed beta”, then a few days later “Were getting really, really,  really, close to the closed beta”, then a few days later…

  8. Bash said we were really close before the FF beta started.  When we hear “reaaly” close, we want to think oooo just a couple more days.  But obviously it can mean anything.

  9. login page shows this:
    The Blizzard family of websites is currently undergoing maintenance to improve your browsing experience. Thank you for your patience!
    Sign of Beta?!?

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