Regardless if you are freezing cold in Sweden, drenched in England or sweating your backside off in Australia, you should take a trip to the ever busy Diablo 3 forums, which are climate controlled, guaranteed. Come in to dry up, warm up or simply chill out!

    Remember that if you find a particularly interesting thread you should e-mail me at with a link url! It doesn’t have to be created in the last week, but at least have something interesting added to it in the last seven days. Thanks for the past week’s submissions, and please be on the lookout again this week.

    Here’s a pick of some interesting threads from the past week:

    Boycott Against Diablo 3 and Starcraft Expansion Charges

    Pure Aesthetics… What’s Your Preferred Melee Weapon?

    • Naturally a DiabloWikiBarbarian type topic… We all like to talk about our e-Peens, but blame Echod16 for starting the thread and ask yourself, how do you like the size of yours, and why does everyone vote for the big 2-handers?

    Help Blizzard Create New Witch Doctor Spells

    • Naja started a thread that probably is quite useful for Blizzard, seeing as they only have 15 or so DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills made so far!

    Analysis of Runes and Ideas

    • A rerun from early November but still running strong; RawBanana’s DiabloWikiRune thread keeps getting input. Want to be on top of customization theorycrafting? Get in here.

    Using Gold to Enhance Armor Defense

    • A topic mentioned by Visom a few months ago, that slowly has been cooking for a long time… Medium rare, perfect!

    Loose the ‘Life Status Bars’ on Monsters!

    • Recently resurrected by sh25, we find roboth’s old thread live and kicking. Do you want the bars or not?

    Also: Happy Birthday asdfgah, and thanks Su_Shadow for awesome image!

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