Blizzard are inviting their fans to take a trip down memory lane with the release of three classic Blizzard titles on Battle.Net. If you look at your games page on your Battle.Net account there’s a “Classics” section which now includes Blackthorne, Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings.

    Blizzard has released these so they run perfectly on modern PCs and if you’ve never tried them before then give them a shot. They’re not exactly oozing with graphical prowess by today’s standards but considering these were released on the 90s they were considered cutting edge back then. Watch the intro to Blackthorne.

    The games run through DOSBox and the ZSNES emulator which are all included with the installs.

    Is that a Diablo on the throne and a town portal behind him?

    Classic BlizzardThanks IncGamers.com

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