Classic Blizzard Games now on Battle.Net for Free

Classic Blizzard Games now on Battle.Net for Free

Blizzard are inviting their fans to take a trip down memory lane with the release of three classic Blizzard titles on Battle.Net. If you look at your games page on your Battle.Net account there’s a “Classics” section which now includes Blackthorne, Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings.

Blizzard has released these so they run perfectly on modern PCs and if you’ve never tried them before then give them a shot. They’re not exactly oozing with graphical prowess by today’s standards but considering these were released on the 90s they were considered cutting edge back then. Watch the intro to Blackthorne.

The games run through DOSBox and the ZSNES emulator which are all included with the installs.

Is that a Diablo on the throne and a town portal behind him?

Classic BlizzardThanks

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15 thoughts on “Classic Blizzard Games now on Battle.Net for Free

  1. If you’re in the EU and the games don’t appear, try changing your region to US. Have fun!

    • I switched my region as suggested, then went to the “Games & Codes” tabon my account. If you select the “Classic Games” section there, it should bring up Blackthorne, The Lost Vikings and Rock N’ Roll Racing client downloads as well.

      • Thanks, they do appear there, but only on the US site. However even there they don’t show up on the summary tab for some reason. Strange.

  2. Considering Diablo was created by Blizzard North, who had no involvement with Blizzard South’s early games (when they were called Interplay), no, it’s not Diablo or a town portal.

  3. Now make Diablo 1 free for D3 owners etc. That would be super cool memory lane trip.

    • I’ll always be wanting a non-graphically compressed version of D2. Doubt we’ll ever get it.

      All of the art assets in D2 have gone through a lossy compression in order to get the game to fit on 3 CDs. That’s why particularly parts of Act 1 and Act 3 scenery look like a soupy mess.

      In these days of DVDs/Blu-Rays and online distribution, there’s really no such limitation any more.

  4. I’ve downloaded blackthorne from blizzard a few months back (i guess they slipped that one without notice). I’m still playing it (Haven’t made it that far though).

    I’m really eager to play lost vikings and R&RR for the memories =D

  5. Did the SNES version of R&RR always have different music than the Sega version or was it changed for this release?

    • As far as I know this is a cut down version so some stuff may well have changed.

  6. As of 5am-ish 5/5, none of these games are showing up on my account, US residence, I only see my old LOD installation under “Classic Games”. Did this fun bonus end already? I wish I was home more often.

  7. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing (best blizzard game ever, btw – not “imo” :p) version is a lite version. 3 racing tracks from snes, no original soundtrack. (But it’s free…).

    Since they proved they can pull out a RnRR for PC…

    Sell it for 10-15, I don’t care (for the song rights on top of the work on adaptation, but put the songs instead of midis in some mp3 ac3 whatever form – I’m not a purist). I was complaining about the lack of RnRR for sale 1 month ago…

    |o/Full RnRR Version or Riot!\o/

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