Which Class Will Rule the Diablo 3 Ladders? And why no EXP ladder?

Which Class Will Rule the Diablo 3 Ladders? And why no EXP ladder?

A fan asked which class will rule the Diablo 3 Ladders, and got some blue words.

I’d like to see them be competitive. I’d like to see ALL classes be competitive.
Leaderboards preview image.
Leaderboards preview image.
Nevalistis: This is our goal. We’d like all classes to have their way to shine in their own right.

I do feel as though it’s worth clarifying that the solo Greater Rift DiabloWikiLeaderboards will be separated by class. Because each class is so different, we feel it’s more interesting and relevant to see how you stack up against other members of your own class rather than other classes. Of course, this categorization isn’t applied to the 2, 3, or 4-man team Leaderboards, so there will still be some measure of comparison between classes — it will just be more focused on composition rather than on an individual level.

It will definitely be super interesting to see the different compositions and builds that come together for the best run times, and how those groups and times change based on how early or late it is in the Season.

The thing that’s going to be interesting (and weird) is that Blizzard isn’t planning on having *any* ladders to measure levels or experience gain. That’s the only thing the Diablo 2 ladders did measure, but it’s not even going to exist for the D3 ladders. Because reasons! Here’s the quote from the Patch 2.1 preview, which you can find easily on our DiabloWikiLeaderboards wiki article.

Leaderboards will track progress for DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, Seasonal achievement points, and Seasonal DiabloWikiConquests across a variety of game styles. Designed to be informative and detailed, Leaderboards will allow you to compare your progress to that of your gameplay region, friends, and clan members, and each type of board will track progress a little differently.

That’s cool and all, but why not have exp gained leaderboards as well? They’d be the easiest and most obvious thing to measure, and why not? I’ll be curious to see how the classes progress, and it would be fun to have some impetus to leveling up quickly, now that no one cares about EXP anymore since P100 isn’t a goal. We’ll never see anything like the old “Level 99 in 39 hours” Diablo 2 ladder reset rushes, but it would be interesting to see how fast people could level up in RoS, if that’s what they were really focusing on.

As for the OP’s question and the blue reply… which classes do you guys think will rule the ladders? I’m not a CM so I don’t have to pretend it’s all balanced; some classes are much stronger than others in the current game, and we all know it. But since there’s no EXP ladder, and we only know what a few of the Leaderboards will rank, it’s hard to say. From what we’ve heard about DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, dying will ruin your time since you can’t resurrect on corpse. So we won’t see any all-DPS, Zerg-to-win style builds on those leaderboards. Sorry, Wizards. Who, then?

Lots of you guys have played more classes/builds than I have so far… which do you think are the best builds? Which can be geared up the most quickly from level 1 with no equipment or paragon points in a new ladder season? What character teams will work together the best for the group rankings? Do you want a variety of classes with a tank and artillery? All Monks or Barbs to share Auras and Warcries? All WDs for fetish hordes?

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13 thoughts on “Which Class Will Rule the Diablo 3 Ladders? And why no EXP ladder?

  1. WD's will take the HC ladders i would think.

    Bliz is currently breaking our DH's so we can only hope they give us something to look forward to eventually.

  2. The wizard is probably best if you remove gear from the equation. With new ladder-only gear, which we know nothing about, its hard to tell who will rock. But I will be suprised if its a melee class.

  3. Barb is missing some major things to be in contention, mainly to do with AoE.

    Lets see what PTR has in store.

  4. EXP is a measure of your bot making skills, your bladder control system, or both. Get rid of it, it encourages people to do terrible, stupid, silly things like Alkazier runs and the like. Actual objectives, like T6 Malth, speed clears of Barracks, etc., are better and give you a better sense of what characters can and should be able to do. Great move by Blizzard. I think we'll get a hint of class "balance" by parsing the timing of the various achievements; if monks take a month or more longer to do the same thing a WD can do, then something's not working correctly.

  5. The top will be perma-COTA leapquakers, DH in marauder sets and shotgun Crusaders. We'll see how they buff Firebird, but right now it's Barb/Crusader/DH, then Wiz/WD and finally Monk. WD are considered top, but I still haven't seen one with the sheer killing speed those 3 other classes have, I have yet to see one faster than my sorc to be honest.

  6. Absolutely, exp/paragon ladders would be ridiculous just looking at people being paragon 900+ already when I won't reach that in 4years even if I played 24/7

    Even these ladder leader boards are only meant for the people that can devote their life to the game which I will not be part. I'll merrily play at my own pace, get the achievements, level my toons and gear them ok (waiting for DH buff for build diversity!), do some GRs and collect my leg jewels, etc. until season is over and I have a chance at the new legs.

    I'm assuming that the seasons will divide the player base further and a large part (the majority of casuals) will not play them.

  7. I think an all bot ladder is in order. This way we can see who is the best haxor and we can see how long it takes for Blizz BNET police to act or not act. With the closed economy I think it is time to we welcomed our AI friends but in keeping with the grand tradition of humanity we should create a separate yet equal ladder and maybe give them some pieces of flair to wear.

  8. I know i am going to get flamed for this question but are they going to in anyway categorize times by taking into consideration your dps? If you have unbuffed dps of greater than lets say 750000 and less than 750000. This would compare apples to apples and allow you to see who played best and who had the best build.

    If you look at sports, there are the sports for everyone like boxing and real wrestling that compare athletes that are alike. Everyone plays and there are accurate comparisons that are made between like athletes. Heavies fight heavies.Light weights fight lighties. How can I be expected to clear a dungeon with 500000 dps as fast as someone with 11000000. I am not trying to complain about competition or am I trying to make everyone equal. Far from it. All I am saying is there must be a way to compare your build or talent fairly rather than just having a gear comparison game. I would just op for a boxing sport comparison rather than a football league deal. ??

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