This week it’s been really hard to shorten down the list of threads to fit into a proper news item (and it’s still a bit long). We’ve had some excellent submitted threads, which are both interesting and popular. I’m really sorry if a discussion you liked did not appear here. We generally try to bring in submitted threads first, even if others are more popular or interesting, so keep on submitting threads to !

    Diablo III Release date?

    • Well, it wouldn’t be a week without a popular D3 Release Date thread started (make your release date bet here). This one by Zarniwoop

    5th Class: Vincent From FF7, Would You Hate That?

    • Bill Cosby suggests inspiration from Final Fantasy 7 for next class. Skill trees: Combat, Demonic and Shapeshifting. Quite a hot topic!

    How Would You Want D2 Classes in D3?

    • Should they be all insane like Blizzard’s idea, or be very prosperous retired DiabloWikiNPC‘s like town leaders? Perhaps even all become expansion classes? A very interesting discussion by stillman.

    System to Avoid Dupes & Bots

    • Are you afraid Battle.net 2.0 will be as cheat-filled as the current network? GardensAngel has the answers.

    Diii.net @ NY ComicCon: Metzen Interview

    • Out own Medievaldragon is going to ComiCon to meet with DiabloWikiChris Metzen, and asks YOU what lore questions you might have for ANY Blizzard universe.

    Death Knight or Paladin Class and Ureh

    A Crafting System Based on Scrolls

    • Community member ExtraCrispy has a quite interesting idea on how to handle crafting in Diablo III.

    Durance of Hate – Work in Progress

    • Delowyn, our now famous Mistress of Pain artist has started to recreate the Diablo II Durance of Hatred. Quite frankly, amazing work. Below is a few pictures showing the evolution of the set.

    Currently latest version:

    Quite amazing job, frankly. That’s it for today folks, keep submitting interesting threads to for the Diii.net forum watch!

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