Class Progression Guides and Beta Keys

The Diablo III official Game Guide has been updated again, this time with DiabloWikiskill progression trees. If you click on each of the following classes, you will see the DiabloWikiactive, DiabloWikipassive, and DiabloWikirunes gained with each level.

  • Demon Hunter
  • Monk
  • Barbarian
  • Witch Doctor
  • Wizard

In addition, if you haven’t had the chance at getting a beta key, Blizzard is hosting a few more ways for people to get their hands on one. Blizzard once again shows the enormity of their generosity by providing a grand total of 8 more keys!

Looking for one more chance to slay Diablo’s minions before the game launches? Well here’s that chance! We have 8 Diablo III beta keys to give away… and here’s where you come in.
From Monday, April 9 through Friday, April 13 between the hours of 10 a.m. & 7 p.m. PDT, the
@BlizzardCS Twitter account will post a series of Diablo III beta keys at random times throughout the week. If you’re the first to claim the key in your account, you’re in the beta! There will be no warning when a key is coming, so be sure to follow along closely.

The Diablo III beta keys we post will be up for grabs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a key has been claimed and added to a account, that key will no longer available.

What you need to know
– Start Date: Monday, April 9
– End Date: Friday, April 13
– Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. PDT
– 1 key will be posted at random each day on Monday and Tuesday
– 2 keys will be posted at random each day Wednesday through Friday

How to attempt to claim the key:
1. Log in to account management for your region.
2. From the “Games & Codes” drop-down menu, select “Add or Upgrade a Game”
3. Under “Activate a Game Key”, enter the key code into the box and click “Activate Game”

If you’re the lucky person who successfully claims the key, you will have the option to download the client once the Diablo III beta is attached to your account.

Keep an eye on @BlizzardCS for the key — and good luck!

This comes hot on the heels of Bashiok’s announcement that 250k more invites were sent out for the Panda Pack beta, bringing the total up to and over 500k keys sent out.

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33 thoughts on “Class Progression Guides and Beta Keys

  1. Eight keys?!  Wow!!!!!!  Blizzard, you are so generous giving away so many!!  I mean…  eight?!?  I’m practically GUARANTEED to get one now!!
    Now, if only I could get one of those ultra rare 550,000 Mists of Pandaria beta keys…  but I’m thinking it’s pretty impossible with so few…

      • It’s almost like an extra kick in the ass – right after they announce 500k keys going out to Panda Packers.

        It really seems like they meant it when they said this was a small beta. 

      • Acutally, I “earned” myself a key through theworldstonekeep(dot)com maybe three weeks ago.  I was just acting the role of the general populace that still desires a key.

        Regardless, it’s still a terrible promotion.  I guess the eight people who gain access will feel lucky and accomplished.  But I don’t envy the people who will dedicate their time to this endeavor, and I’d openly mock them for doing so.

    • …ehem….I JUST GOT INTO BETAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8 months I refreshed my fucking bnet account and just as i gave up hope BOOM im in.


    • Hah, I decided some time ago to not even bother hoping for a key.  I can wait until mid May.

  2. Love those skill progression charts. Exactly a feature I wanted us to get going in the DiabloNut weeks ago, but the Dorjan never had time to set it up with other projects to get through.  Looking at them now, seems like some are WiP while other classes are done. The Wizard is done; very even progression, 2 or 3 skill effects every level from 30-60, and the only 4 times there are 2, that’s a level when a passive comes in. (Passives are spaced out all the wya to 60 now; big change from a few patches ago when you get them all by the 30s.)

    Compare Wiz to WD or DH, who have big clumps of skills, uneven distribution of effects, etc. The WD gets 5 new skills at 21 and 22, (plus 4 rune effects) and then no new skills at all at 23, 24, 26, or 27. WD and DH are more uneven at higher levels also, with sometimes 1 and sometimes 4 rune effects coming on per level.

    I imagine we’ll see more rebalancing/redistribution, to even things out more, before release.

  3. Oh, good grief. Why don’t they just give more keys to opt-ins or pre-orders? Why is Blizz being such a tightwad with the D3 beta?

  4. I really wish they would let players like me who are finished playing the beta (can only kill the skeleton king so many times, sorry), release the key to someone else who wants it.

  5. I was never the person to believe in those conspiracy theories claiming the people at Blizzard are a bunch of sadistic a-holes, but I’m starting to believe now. No, I’m not joking. What other reason is there to put up a contest which requires someone – amongst million others – to check a site continuously in the hopes of receiving one out of a whopping total of eight beta keys? Eight beta keys… for millions of people craving one. That’s no ordinary contest, that’s something out of the Saw movies.

    • I just wonder if someone will set up a program to automatically use the key. You don’t need to constantly check a site. Twits can stream to you and most if not all twitter apps do make use of the streaming API. It is not that hard for someone with the know-how to extract the key from a twitter message and submit it into, especially if the key is displayed in the expected format in the twit. Counter example is “this is the key: xxxxx and enter it in reverse order” or “the first 5 characters are xxxxx; second 5 are yyyyy…”

  6. Is this their April fools joke for diablo 3? 8 keys that is awesome and like it was for mentioned 550 000 panda keys and I don’t have a single friend with d3 beta sure wish I was popular jk I can wait it out at this point 

  7. This made me laugh so much. This has got to be the worst way to get a beta key. I’m glad I’m not desperate anymore and can just play my friend’s.

  8. This is so pathetic. 80 000 would be low but 8 thats just joke. Iam glad i dont want into short crap beta .. iam allready bored just from videos.

  9. I don’t look at the official game guide very often, but I had a look at the class progression and I liked it. I had a look around and also noted that there are progresion things for the Artisans. Are they new as well or just new to me?

  10. To add insult to … well, insult, you have to sign up for twitter for a chance at one of the 8 keys 👿

    • Yes they could have made a site of their own. Whether its planned with twitter or not, twitter is prob. happy about having a ton of ppl signing up for “that golden chance”.

      Let the massive marketing campaign machine of Blizzard roll. : ) 

  11. Freaking joke. I didn’t win a single key when tons of websites got 500 keys each. And now 8 keys rofl. They probably think their fans are complete retards.

  12. what a freaking joke…8 beta keys…and i need to make a twitter account, no thanks…ive been signed in for opt-in since its been available, guess i wont do that again 🙁

  13. i played the beta using a friend’s account and could still be playing, however, after 24 hours /played i got bored to death. nevertheless, even if i had not had the opportunity to check out this game yet, these bullcrap 8 keys wouldnt make me roll my ass out of my bed at night… i live in europe so that i’d have to F5 through the night given that theyll twitter them until 7 PDT. to everyone who has not played the beta so far all i can say is: dont feel sad because the excitement created by identifying axe 1 +2 cold dmg and comparing it to axe 2 +3 poison dmg diminishes after an hour or so…

  14. i have been waiting for years for this game to come out. I don’t care for the beta to tease me til release.

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