Class Dance Video

Class Dance Video

diablo 3 class dance videoOn the PTR Blizzard have added a new emote. Type /dance on any of the classes will cause them to break out in dance. The moves aren’t as many and varied as the ones in World of Warcraft some of you will be familiar with but they’re flavour.

The only dance that is at all familiar is the male Barbarian which worldly folk (or perhaps just rugby fans) will note contains some moves from the Haka (Maori tribal dance).

We’ve made a short video demonstrating all their moves.

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    24 thoughts on “Class Dance Video

    1. Stupid thing didn't log me in for some reason for previous post, sorry. Also, is it just me or is the wizard (especially noticeable on the male Wizard) going through the four motions of the intro for the Avatar: The Last Airbender series? The one where they showcase a move from each of the four benders.

    2. Path of Exile, acclaimed "True D2 remake" has this feature too; that you have to pay for. Clever.

    3. Woot! Too bad they changed Rift frags, b/c this is what you would be doing while waiting for someone, anyone, to pop the Rift. If only you could jump on top of the stash so you could dance…

    4. It's silly but I like it 🙂
      Reminds me of the D2 juggling act and the likes.
      And speaking of WoW – there is no "Saturday night fever" dance routine 🙁 😉

    5. Well thank the gods they have their priorities in order! Phew. For a second there I thought they were going to waste time and resources on fixing less important issues, like extreme class imbalance. Teleporting, invisible, untargetable Terror Demons that kill you with impunity, 2 handed weapons that haven’t been viable the entire release of the game except for RoS Crusaders. Skills that function so poorly compared to all the others that they are never utilized, and graphical optimization problems that many users are having in specific areas of the game even on extremely high end machines. But NOW we can dance, so I can just ignore ALL that other ish. Thank you Blizzard! Huzzah! \o/

      • If you really think that the designers, who animate /dance, are the same people who develop game mechanics, itemization or skill balance – think again.

        • If you really think, that they are not using the same Blizzard money and time to add dancing (in an ARPG mind you, where it has no place whatsoever), rather than moving more people away from THIS crap and into developing game mechanics, itemization and skill balance – think again. That excuse is a totally invalid one. Money and time and resources were actively spent making the nephalem dance, rather than hiring maybe one or two more people from somewhere fresh with a new perspective, possibly with better ideas to fix 2-handed items and poor skill and class balance. Please, no Blizzard apologists…

    6. I think /rude_gesture would be more appropriate for D3RoS. Imagine the Crusader giving Magada the bird. Classic.

    7. If this serves some purpose later in the game then … ah ha! it's cool … but, at the moment, I'm just wishing they had spent this time creating more storage space. Like giving us a tab for each item type.

    8. Yeah, this is what we should spend our dev time on!

      Hey, I got an idea. Lets drop this whole "monster hunting action" thing and just focus on D3: Reaper of Emotes. Who can collect the most emotes? FUN!

    9. Thanks for posting the video Elly.

      Monks should have been doing drunken boxing kung fu or something like that Marsbar advert with their stash.
      Barb's should do something fancy with their weapon, maybe rip something from Conan I don't know.
      Witch doc's should pull out a pipe and get pretty stoned.
      Wizard should show some cool moves.
      Crusader should pray and a cloud pops up with what they're thinking of.
      DH as above poster said, needs a pole :D. Anyone note that milk shake on her dance? Where's the monks?

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