Diablo 3 Box Art Digital Presales

    Still hot, hot, hot

    There have been all sorts of chart/sales rankings being thrown about in the past couple of days regarding Diablo 3’s chart position so I thought I should clarify a few things. In today’s UK Chart Track all-format chart Diablo 3 is nowhere to be seen. “Oh noes! It must be failing” I hear you cry. Well actually that is not the case at all, this week Diablo 3 is still the best selling PC game here in the UK proving it’s still the game to get. When you break down the chart, you have to remember that Diablo 3 is only on PC, other titles will be on multiple platforms.

    The Amazon charts (US) are a funny beast, they seem to go up and down like a yo-yo as indicated in the forum thread discussion over the weekend. Already Diablo 3 is climbing once again and is back up at number 8. Considering it’s been 813 days in the top 100, the performance is excellent.

    Elsewhere in the world performance is healthy.  Swedish Games Industry reports for the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) saying that for week 25 Diablo 3 was number 1 in the PC chart and number 2 in the multiplatform.

    So, to clarify, Diablo 3 is still selling like hot-cakes which is certainly good news.

    Thanks IncGamers.com.

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