Clarifying Diablo 3’s Position in This Week’s Game Charts

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Still hot, hot, hot

There have been all sorts of chart/sales rankings being thrown about in the past couple of days regarding Diablo 3’s chart position so I thought I should clarify a few things. In today’s UK Chart Track all-format chart Diablo 3 is nowhere to be seen. “Oh noes! It must be failing” I hear you cry. Well actually that is not the case at all, this week Diablo 3 is still the best selling PC game here in the UK proving it’s still the game to get. When you break down the chart, you have to remember that Diablo 3 is only on PC, other titles will be on multiple platforms.

The Amazon charts (US) are a funny beast, they seem to go up and down like a yo-yo as indicated in the forum thread discussion over the weekend. Already Diablo 3 is climbing once again and is back up at number 8. Considering it’s been 813 days in the top 100, the performance is excellent.

Elsewhere in the world performance is healthy.  Swedish Games Industry reports for the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) saying that for week 25 Diablo 3 was number 1 in the PC chart and number 2 in the multiplatform.

So, to clarify, Diablo 3 is still selling like hot-cakes which is certainly good news.


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    35 thoughts on “Clarifying Diablo 3’s Position in This Week’s Game Charts

    1. This is bad news for all the haters who still come here, of all places, to talk about how shitty D3 is.

      There’s a shithole called 4chan for that.

    2. 813 weeks!? Its been selling at the top for 15 years!!! Take that haters! 😛

      I think you meant days Elly. 😀

      Still, very impressive. That beats everything currently on the top 100 list other than the Sims, and Starcraft 2(Another Blizzard game! :O).

        • It includes pre-orders. Which means its been selling in the top 10 for nearly as long as pre-orders have been available.

    3. D3 isn’t a bad game, don’t get me wrong. But while sales figures obviously indicate *something*, they don’t necessarily indicate how good or bad the game is.

      • … but people aren’t still buying the game in droves if the word on the street is that the game is bad.

        • The word in specific forums might be bad. The word “on the street” probably isn’t. Casual gamers probably really like this game. I loved it when I started. It was after I hit 60 that I became rather disenchanted.

          That said, I’ve gotten over 150 hours out of a game I paid $60 for, which is more than I can say for most games. I had high expectations because of the time I spent on D1 and D2, and maybe those weren’t met, but the game is still a success from an objective standard.

      • Yes, Diablo 3 is a perfect example of this. Selling a lot doesn’t say much in my opinion.

        Blizzard should take note about the criticism and so on, before Diablo series goes downhill.

        I may look like the average hater but I would love to say I’d buy Diablo 4 from day one, or D3 expansion, but I will never do this because I had to play Diablo 3, which I bought from day 1….

        • You confuse forum and internet hate with REAL LIFE support.

          Look at COD: 2.2 rated on metacritic by users and 26 million copies sold and playerd everywhere massively.

          What forum posters still do NOT understand is … The real life opinion leaders have much more influence in our day to day lives decisions.

          NO ONE is going to buy a car because they saw it hyped/trash talked on the internet.

          You buy a video game because your REAL LIFE friends talk about it and … Play it.

          Not the 5 k nerds giving it 1/10 on metacritic. Life does not work that way.

            • Don’t be a fascist. White knights have as much right to this forum as do the droves of haters.

            • @RyTEK: Fortunately, I’m not one or the other. I’m just stating that Mr. [email protected] should leave, since he just wants flames. And, naturally, I’m not a fascist, but thanks for your concern.

    4. So far reviews and feedback in my country have been really postive. A bunch of pathetic whiners in this forum QQ-ing doesn’t represent anything.

      • Yeah the thing most of the QQers on sites seem to forget is that most of the general pop don’t really use those sites let a lone care what they got to say.

      • Anecdotal evidence from pathetic brand loyalists doesn’t represntate anything either.

        • 7 million beat 5k forum whiners any time.

          Just like 26 million copies of The lateset Call of Duty >>> 2.2 rating on metacritic for years now.

          It is not because some no lifers who want to qq on the internet yell a lot that people listen to them.

          Proof is right up there ib front of you.

          • 7 million may have bought the game, i’m included in that stat but that doesn’t mean 7 million people are impressed.

            D3 in it’s current state is a let down after such a major delay in making it. I’m sure there is potential for it to get better, but blizzard needs to sort out the dwindling number of players dispersing away from the game.

            If 7 million people bought the game just over a month ago, the public games list should not be displaying what can only be described as a ghost town. 2 to 3 people playing public games in Inferno at peak hours is suggesting there is a problem that blizzard needs to address.

            So no amount of ‘dressing’ up the sales count means the game is any where near as good as it should be.

          • Not really disagreeing with you, but Call of duty is trash and is nothing more than an xpac at full price. It has been since the first one. Just like madden. The people that play Madden, NCAA Football, CoD:MW, etc are sheep. Just like the people who buy Iphones for $600 every time a new one comes out. Just thought I would point that out.

            • Your observation on COD is both intuitive and apropos, since many of the D3 QQers seem to have preferred D3 to be an xpac for D2.

    5. More proof that this is a terrible game and is worth $20 tops. Heck, if I could go back in time I would pay to register winzip instead of buying this game that is clearly still in beta.


      So on a serious note, does anyone know why it is reporting that there are about 3k players in public games (at least as of last night). Are they assigning small virtual server groups like WoW (virtual servers have about 40k open slots)? I know there were more that 3k people online in NA last night. Even at launch when 6.3M people were slamming the servers, there was a max of 21k players reported in public games. Can anyone verify they are seeing the same thing?

      Additionally, I am glad to see the game selling well. Looking forward to an xpac with the mystic and new zones.

      • They said somewhere awhile back that the numbers were showing incorrectly and that a large majority of people are not playing public games so they dont show up in the numbers as well.

    6. @Elly

      Why do high sales of D3 is a good thing for you? Do you work for Blizzard? Or do you think the site could get more visitors as a result of those sales? And why do this site’s visitors should care about all of these? I’m just curious…

      • Strong sales mean continued support and future games. If you care about the Diablo series, that matters. Seems simple enough. When it stops becoming profitable, Activision jettisons the franchise.

    7. Sales doesn’t means that game is good or bad.
      I am not suprise that Diablo 3 sold that well, big name, big hype and lot of promises.

      But people are stopping playing it and that show better how good game is.

      I just found that Force (YT) dropped Diablo 3 because he said he do not enjoy game anymore.

      Several days ago i saw XFire chart showing Diablo 3 players drastically dropping the game.

      There will be always some Zealots playing and defending this game but soon it will be minority plus a lot of bots.

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