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This post is not strictly Diablo III related, but it is pertinent to the future of the platform and touches on some of the passionate requests of many fans. In a recent developer update for Starcraft 2, the team announced some of the features that will be introduced to the platform that includes the long-desired clan/group support. The quote is as follows:

We continue to read your passionate requests for clan support. We can confirm that we are building a clan/group system that will be released with Heart of the Swarm. We also intend to have our first version of unranked play so you will have the ability to match-make against like-skilled players without having to affect your ladder ranking while you practice off-race or experiment with a new build order.

This news is fairly promising for the Diablo 3 community, as it is a feature that promotes community involvement and allows people to band together for mutual support. While PvP in Diablo III has generally been a large source for those who support clan support, there is much to be said about supporting groups of players that work together in PvE. In fact, the majority of clans in Diablo II were farm-centric. For many, the ability to associate or identify with the various different clans (like the IncGamers Clan, for instance), would be a welcome addition to, and would be a step towards creating a cohesive environment that would help battle the “ghost town effect” Azzure wrote about months ago.

Conspiracy theorist might claim that Blizzard is deliberately withholding such support to prevent item sharing within its community. However, with receiving this feature in Starcraft 2, it would not be a far cry to see this self-same feature implemented in a future Diablo III patch – or else in an expansion. Jay has already mentioned that they’ve recognized the fact that they could do better with their social tools, and perhaps this functionality is exactly what he has been alluding to.

How does the Diablo community feel about this? Why might Blizzard be holding off on community support? Is this a welcome addition to the platform? Perhaps B.Net will finally be deserving of its “2.0” identifier soon.

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31 thoughts on “Clan Support Coming To

  1. Clan support needs to happen. There are so many good reasons to be able to log on, instantly join a room with like minded people, see their presence online, etc. and there is literally no reason not to have it. Personally, i’d like to see this get implemented before PvP, but if we won’t see it in SC2 until HotS, then it probably won’t hit D3 until much later.

    The only question I have is; what took so long?

    • Probably because the vast majority of people won’t notice its absence?

      I’m not saying it shouldn’t be added at some point, but I think PvP is still much higher priority 

      • You say that, but the SC2 community absolutely exploded when we found out that there wouldn’t be clan support in B.Net 2.0. Why would the diablo community be any different?

        • You mean the community who keep regular eyes on the forums and post on Team Liquid? Sure it’s a great feature – and I’m not saying they shouldn’t add it – but D3 much more than SC2 (as it’s an RTS) is going to have significant mass market appeal for people who don’t even know what a clan is. 

          They’d still play PVP though… 

    • Probably pure business. They don’t want to make Diablo 3 or StarCraft 2 too “social”. They want WoW to be the game where people hang out, and have the best community support. WoW is their big cash cow.
      For me, there is no other reasonable explanation, no matter what they say.

      • and what happen to those people that don’t play WoW? Blizz don’t want their money? tin-foil conspiracy IMO…

  2. ‘would be a step towards creating a cohesive environment that would help battle the “ghost town effect” Azzure wrote about months ago.’ 

    Oh man…don’t get me started on this again….*eyelid twitching*

    ‘ Conspiracy theorist might claim that Blizzard is deliberately withholding such support to prevent item sharing within its community.’


  3. I would love to see clan support.  Guilds in WoW were a great way to have a means of meeting up with people to play the game.  As in, you could type in guild chat and ask, “who wants to do X”, instead of whispering people from your friends list.

    It is a convenient method of enhancing communities, and there is a place in diablo 3 for this. 

    Even /f m on diablo 2 was better than diablo 3 chat. 

    • This is true. WoW, for what it’s worth, has easily the best guild support I’ve ever seen in an online game. I would kill for a fraction of that functionality in D3.

      • But doesn’t WoW need that much more, simply because it’s an MMO, and there is a lot of content you can’t solo, or do easily with public groups? I guess in D3 it’d be nice when people are hitting inferno, but it seems to be much less important – just because it’s a different type of game

        • WoW isn’t all about raiding. It’s about socializing, and they foster a social atmosphere with stuff like guilds, guild banks, guild experience, guild reputation, things like that.

          It doesn’t matter if D3 is an mmo or not–it’s online only, so it is a social experience for many. 

          • And so you feel obligated to play because other people depend on you to get ahead. You can’t get far in Wow without help. You can’t solo the hardest content in that game.

    • Because it’s so much more difficult to whisper someone? Anyway, I welcome a “clan” feature for communication/networking only…But I sure as hell am against a WoW-type “guild” support system with guild-only rewards, events, etc. This changes the game into something that I don’t personally care for. One of my favorite things about Diablo is the sense of achievement from conquering any part of the game without any help or support from another person. I also want to experience every zone, achievement, reward and item that I possibly can…without being held back. If I want a social experience, I’ll go out with my friends. 

      • Have you played D3? Do you know how difficult it is to talk to more than one person through whispers in-game with that tiny little chat box?

        It’s just god-awful and it needs fixing, nobody can deny that outside of those who are polishing up their white knight gear. 

        • Yes, I’ve played beta. I am not disagreeing that the chat system needs improvement. I said before that I am all for a clan system. I don’t however, wish the game to turn into some weird mmo-hybrid simply because people are used to something. If enough people complain…and a lot will, Blizzard will change the game…sometimes not for the better. But hey, I have no control over that other than offering a counter-argument.

  4. @Xeodus

    How much is blizzard paying you to troll Anyone who downplays social interaction so much is obviously a blizzard snitch.   

    • I’m not actually trolling, but I admit, I do enjoy baiting…like fish in a barrel really

      Take a look at my posts if you like, I generally point out when people are being idiots 🙂 

    • I hate having socialization forced on me. That other Blizzard game doesn’t encourage it, it makes it necessary. It’s annoying that Blizzard will add any feature to appease the masses so they don’t lose subscriptions. I’ll play D3 until it gets completely destroyed by these people. Hopefully it takes a while.

  5. I’m guessing they will introduce it in D3 alongside SC2 and enable it to interface with existing WoW clans. (Or that might just be wishful thinking)

    • You know, that would be awesome. Lets all share ice cream together and gossip about the latest Glee episode. Descend into the fiery chasms of hell? Be challenged by a game that I’ve been waiting for for years? Why would I do that when I can stand in town and stare glassy-eyed at that awesome guild chat screen?!

  6. You’re funny. Clan-support was long-awaited in StarCraft and firstly it will be in StarCraft, then probably in other games. In Diablo 3 you already have enought options to invite friends and create groups with them.

  7. HotS will have almost all of the features the community has been asking for since release. Such a good news to be SC fan. I hope D3 Bnet will catch up soon.

  8. This needs to happen. needs to happen..yesterday. They had better get on that.

  9. I remember this being at the top of the wishlist before Diablo II came out… and it never came… 🙁

  10. Didn’t another blue post or interview recently have a statement that they have no plans at all for adding guild support to Diablo 3?

  11. Allegedly Blizzard is checking forums etc… so I feel obliged to comment.
    Blizzard, please bring those features on to SC2 and Diablo 3! It is what we all wanted for YEARS!!!

  12. I´d also love to have this ingame ASAP. I know about 15 People in person who will be playing D3, and right now we´re using our Facebook Page to communicate. Sucks though because, you know, it´s Facebook.

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