DiabloWikiClans got a few new features in the patch, but there are unexpected consequences.

    Clan unavailable?

    I cannot access my clan (chat, see who online, etc) because error “Clan unavailable” since patch. is anyone get this issue too?
    Tyvalir: Hey everyone, thanks for the reports on clan functionality issues!

    We’re currently looking into these issues, and while we don’t have an ETA on when they’ll be fixed just yet, we’ll be sure to post as soon as we do have an update. In the meantime, please be sure to direct similar reports to our Bug Reports forum.

    I guess this sort of thing, plus the bugs with Rifts and other assorted stuff shows why we didn’t get this patch live before Christmas. No matter how thoroughly tested something seems on the PTR, there are always new/different issues when it goes live, and much as we fans wanted to play it over the hols, Bliz knew it would be a bad idea to put it live when most of their support crew was on vacation.

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