Clan Changes Not in Patch 2.1

Clan Changes Not in Patch 2.1

diablo 3 clan improvementsWith all the excitement of what is to come with the first content patch for Reaper of Souls it would be easy to overlook one of the less fleshed-out aspects to the game. Clan support finally made it in to a Diablo game but it has been a somewhat lacklustre attempt to satisfy the fans. Clan tags and chat are the two useful aspects but not much else. Enkeria asked if Clans would receive any attention in DiabloWikiPatch 2.1. In a word “no” but Blizzard are, as always, open to suggestions as Nevalistis explained.

We’re definitely interested in adding additional clan features in a future patch. Patch 2.1, however, is primarily focused on introducing Seasons and Greater Rifts, along with a few other changes you can read about in our preview blog.

Of course, it’s never too early to hear what you’d like to see added to Clans & Communities. 🙂 We’ve seen a lot of features requested, and we’re actively collecting and passing them on to our development team for consideration. What kind of features would you like to see as a Clan or Community Member? What about as an Officer or Clan/Community Leader?

A few of the suggestions I’ve seen I’d like to see as I think it would make clans more fulfilling for members and easier for officers to manage:

  • Ability to see activity of clan member. Even a simple “last on” would help determine if the player plays any more but the number of hours would be more useful if you want to maintain a highly-active clan.  The various IncGamers’ clans have to rely on Roll Calls in our Clan Forum.
  • Trading between clan members. It could be that the member needs to be a member for a certain amount of days before they can trade with other eligible clan members. This would stop people joining just to trade and then leaving which would open up on the whole can of worms taking us back to open world trading – scams etc.
  • Clan bank that gold/shards/keys could be deposited with a record of who deposited and who has withdrawn so leaders can keep an eye out for sticky sausage fingers.
  • Some clan achievements would be nice.
  • A proper lobby chat where player avatars line the bottom and chat is above. Also to be able to check out the profile of a player and not exit the entire chat when you exit their profile (which currently happens).

I’m sure there are lots of other things that could make the clan experience more enjoyable for members.

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    8 thoughts on “Clan Changes Not in Patch 2.1

    1. Don't forget a HC death message. Have the same thing that comes up for you when you die come up on the Clan chat over on the left. At-least after you have hit level 70 anyway.

    2. Having clan size limited to 150, and making all of your characters in one guild is also slightly annoying.

    3. Well, I hated that I had to join my clan in Neverwinter with every single char. That's annoying.
      After all – Comunnities!

    4. You can manually turn off either leg spam or achievement spam, though it won't save trough playtroughs.

    5. Oh, roll calls, good to know 🙂

      That ideas, Elly, sums pretty well what we need and it's a little dissapointing, that blizz is not doing a thing with it in 2.1. Cross your fingers for the future!

    6. Strewth yeah, how on earth did I miss that one? I'm always bleating on about that one. Yes, definitely, raise the cap.

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