Cinematic Stills from the D3 TV Commercials

We saw one, two, three slightly different versions of the Diablo III TV commercial earlier this week, and even if you don’t care for the pixel analysis required to join in the rollicking “Tyrael is/isn’t fighting Imperius fighting Diablo?” debates, you can just enjoy the awesome imagery and preview of the story we’ll see fully-revealed in just over a week.

Fans have been sharing HQ image grabs in several threads in our Diablo 3 community forum, and thanks to threads like this one, this one, and this one, I had no trouble picking out great images to add to our Cinematic Gallery.

A few samples are below; click to the Cinematic gallery to view them all.

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22 thoughts on “Cinematic Stills from the D3 TV Commercials

  1. These are worthy of being wallpapers.

    When D3 is released, there sure will be A LOT of wallpapers. 

    • I remember from the Blizzcon art panel that Diablo in D3 was going to be a buffer, manlier, and bigger “mega” Diablo relative to how he was incarnated in D2. However since then the art team downsized him and made him anorexic / androgynous / gender-shifting.

      • I guess in the time between D2x and D3, Diablo got a sex-change to… um… Slaanesh?

    • Puny mortal, the lord of terror is beyond caring about your limited perceptions of physical strength!

  2. the one with just diablo’s face is absolutely amazing CGI:
    i cant wait to see this cinematic 

  3. Why does everyone think this is diablo?…I think it’s belial. Or however you spell it

  4. Looks like Belial to me as well, especially if you compare the still with the artwork fom Book of Cain. We’ll see. =) 

  5. I hope to see this skinny “FemDiablo” transform into an enormously overpowered brute and kick Tyrael’s and Imperius’s shiny asses. 😈

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