Diablo 3 Cinematic Spoilers

Spoiler WarningBefore you click the link in the post, this is a big spoiler warning! With boxed copies arriving nice and early, CD content is now starting to trickle onto the intertubes and Risingred has posted a whole stack of shots taken from the cinematics. If you want to check them, out head here, if not then there’s nothing to see here.

No doubt we can expect videos to appear on Youtube in the not too distant future, someone is bound to post them up at some point.

A note on spoilers also, we won’t post anything on the front page that will give anything away pre-release so you can rest assured you will be safe.

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    14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Cinematic Spoilers

    1. actully the source over at dfans will not be posting the video it seems, he got shut down by blizzard

    2. And suddenly the new Diablo aspect is not that “gay”. And we say…GIVE MEEEEEE!!!!

    3. Ya, a special task force found out where he lived and he was contacted by blizzard’s lawyers. What a joke.

      • Knowing how diablo.incgamers.com likes to spoil things (not a problem for me) you took a big risk by coming here. Stop lying, I know you want to look at the spoils. Don’t resist the temptation.

    4. Before watching Remember that it is HUGE SPOILERS and by huge i mean it is almost the biggest spoier

    5. I don’t think these pictures spoil much of anything.  For one thing there’s no context (it could be images from a dream).  And the last image – regarded as being the most spoilery in the description – I don’t get at all.  It’s just a picture of Diablo with a weapon being pointed at him.

      Blizzard releasing the “feminine-looking” Diablo image is as much a spoiler as this is.

    6. i find it interesting after the tv commercial in which imperius seems to hit diablo in the left side of the face with solarion, and now with this last screen shot seeming to show the same hit, it is pre-transformation leah that has a scratch under her left eye in the same spot as the impact on transformed diablo.  based on order of operations, that doesn’t seem to make sense.  perhaps it is foreshadowing.   

    7. I’ve seen too much… I’ve seen too much… no more spoilering for me till I finish normal… no more… no more… ;(

    8. No spoilers on the front page? awesome. Now the big question remains, should i check up the link or not  🙄

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