Christmas (and other similar traditions from different cultures) is almost upon us, and it’s time to go out and spend your last few pennies on presents for your dear family and friends. Meanwhile, it’s nice to know that one of the best venues of entertainment is extremely cheap, namely chatting in the Diablo 3 Forum!

    Remember that if you find a particularly interesting thread you should e-mail me at with a link url! It doesn’t have to be created in the last week, but at least have something interesting added to it in the last seven days. Thanks for the past week’s submissions, and please be on the lookout again this week.

    Item Affixes & Modifier Brainstorm

    • Relatively new, and very enthusiastic, Diii.net member Zero took the initiative to start a brainstorm about new Diablo 3 Affixes. If the term “Affix” is new to you, it’s really just the group word for DiabloWikiPrefixes and DiabloWikiSuffixes.

    Barbarian Skill Trees and Points

    • DiabloWikiBarbarian skills seem very cool so far, but how would you assign your DiabloWikiskill points? Welcome our new member Droscoe who also ask about skill assignment in general.

    Why do People Think of WD as a Firemage?

    • My fellow Swede jakotaco thinks it’s silly to call the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor a firemage, what do you think?

    Wizard’s Electrocute = Chain Lightning?

    • Is there any reason why Blizzard haven’t made DiabloWikiElectrocute into a “traditional” Chain Lightning? Raveharu is among the fans of the old spell, and asks why it’s so slow.

    Mirror Image Awesome?

    Please Don’t Use the WoW Critical System!

    • This thread by lumpor ask you how you like your DiabloWikiCritical hits. So, how would you like crits to work?

    Monsters In DIII! Suggest/Make your own!

    • Hodl Pu’s thread is revived with new vigor. Be part of brainstorming about new potential DiabloWikimonsters in Diablo3!

    Ask Blizzard!

    • Thread started by myself, where I encourage everyone of the Diablo community to gather questions for Blizzard and DiabloWikiBlizzCast. Make your voice heard!

    Also, Happy Birthday Eisirt!

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