Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have passed, so regardless of which day you get your gifts, you should now be all set with new stuff that you may or may not want or need. The excitement is over, and it’s time to got back to the crypt you came from, the Diii.net forums!

    I have managed to sneak away from all the family fun myself, and noticed a few particularly interesting forum discussion threads on the Diii.net boards (which takes forever to read with my parents unbelievably horrible dial-up modem). I’ll list a few highlights, but don’t forget to send a mail to if you find a particularly interesting thread in need of highlight! Thanks for the Christmas week contributions, and keep them coming throughout to the next year!

    Female Wizard Ugly By Asian Standards

    • We welcome Inst to Diii.net, who start out by touching on a sensitive/interesting topic: The DiabloWikiWizard‘s appearance!

    5th Char Can’t Use Placeholder Art?

    • DiabloWikiJay Wilson‘s comment to 1UP on the DiabloWikiother classes has not gone unnoticed, and Flux is speculating on what we can expect for a 5th class from these comments.

    Anyone Else Feel Iffy About The Diablo 3 Style?

    • Our new member JayofTeror brings up several points of concern with the Diablo 3 style. The DiabloWikiArt controversy, is just one of the topics…

    The secret rainbow level

    • Gamekk is pondering about upcoming Diablo 3 easter eggs… Perhaps we can expect something like the Cow Level?

    PVP reward system

    • The DiabloWikiD3 team have said that even though focus will be cooperation, people will enjoy DiabloWikiPvP. Some sort of reward system is more or less given, but how would it look? efthemi resurrected GRaFFiKNaTuRE’s thread on the topic.

    Your future Barbarian’s name will be…

    • To the point an uncomplicated: Echod16 wants to know what you’ll name your DiabloWikiBarbarian.

    Walla walla bing bang! The Witch Doctor Off Topic Thread

    • Queen Mebd’s masterpiece. If you haven’t enjoyed the warmth of the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor Off Topic yet, then take a look into the jungle!

    Wizard Inspired by Jedi?

    • Hellspawn sees some distinct similarities between the Star Wars Jedi and our beloved DiabloWikiWizard.

    Thanks again for the Christmas week contributions, and come back for updates over the rest of the Holiday!

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