Continuing the holiday-themed Diablo 2 fan fiction resurrection I began on Thanksgiving, here’s a repost of my humorous Christmas “Secret Santa” story. This one was originally posted in 2002, and it features the seven characters exchanging gifts with seven of their favorite demons. Good times and appropriate gifts are had by all, except perhaps for the Necromancer and Duriel, whose feud continues to simmer. Also, what’s that Dire Wolf doing to the Xmas tree?

    Here’s a short quote; click the pretty yellow letters to read the whole thing in our Fan Fiction Forum.

    “Rakanishu!” said Rakanishu, sounding quite pleased with himself.

    “Uh huh.” the Amazon said blankly.

    “Rrrrrrrakanishu!” he said again, rolling the “R” and leaping up to wave his scimitar overhead. “Rrrrr…” he began again, before Diablo clapped one massive clawed hand over the excited Fallen’s mouth. A few small Charged Bolts snaked away from him and across the room at this, but everyone just stepped over them without any worry.

    Just as the Paladin opened his mouth, a high-pitched yelp came from across the room and the demons burst out laughing at the sight of one of the Druid’s wolves bristling in surprise, having been shocked awake by the errant Charged Bolt. “Rakanishu!” Rakanishu began again. “Grr rimm burr ladoo.” he added, trying to wrestle free of Diablo’s grip to wave his sword again.

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