Christmas Events in Diablo 3?

I’ve dangled this question the last few years running, most recently on Halloween, and since a fan did on the forums and got Blued, let’s run that pony around the ring again:

Why we don’t get any events ?

Why don’t we get any events for example more experience, stronger bosses or fun events like in world of warcraft during holidays and special days ? It would greatly bring more players to the game and also make it more interesting for players who are leveling paragons !
Grimiku: Speaking very candidly here, special holiday game events are cool and often inspire great gaming moments, but they tend to take a lot of time to produce (they’re very resource-intensive). They also tend to work better in persistent worlds where the gameplay isn’t tied to a finite storyline like it is in Diablo III.

So, while we’re not completely opposed to the idea of in-game events if we can find a good fit (and in a way that makes sense for a world like Sanctuary), right now we feel that those resources might be better spent elsewhere on other improvements and don’t have any plans to add holiday content. In the meantime, though, we’re open to suggestions for what you think might be fun!

In related news, a reader made a cool and simple suggestion in comments on our Xmas Goblin post:

They should have buffed the goblin droprates for today.

xmas-rudolphSeems reasonable to me. I don’t think whole new events, with caroling Orcs and such would really fit into the Diablo world, but a one-day bonus to something like Treasure Goblin drop rates (and frequency?) seems like a fun event without any real downside. Personally, I’d put the special goblins in bright red coats and hats, but I could understand some push back on that suggestion.

Or perhaps not, since fan support seems to be growing for this sort of thing. Pre-game the comments were mostly negative, but we ran a vote on it in a Halloween post two months ago (included below), and you can see the results below. Perhaps Blizzard will take notice, and like my parents always said when I asked if I could have a pony, “Maybe next year…”

Would you like to see seasonal bonus content in D3?

  • 1) Yes, it would be awesome. (42%, 616 Votes)
  • 2) Maybe, but only if it was done very well. (26%, 379 Votes)
  • 4) No way. Never. Under no circumstances. (20%, 292 Votes)
  • 3) Probably not, since it would be done poorly. (10%, 150 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion / something else. (3%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,483

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Events in Diablo 3?

  1. There won’t be seasonal content because they can get away with not doing it. In WoW people get bored and quit without new stuff (so, in addition to paying for service, you’re paying for content). In D3, the gold-bots inflate the economy anyway and Blizzard gets money without having to add content.

    This was obviously the case, even before launch. No subscription fees = no new non-Xpack content.

    Oh, “D3 sucks who plays this game anymore lol.” There. I took care of it already.

  2. Yeap a skin painted red and white ala Santa Claus for the goblins is a very long, costly and hard mega-production…at Quake times people opened the files with paint and created this “mega-production” with 1 minute…and we had time to create the naked skin bonus too…

  3. To be honest, if they did things like this, people would be complaining how Blizzard wastes resources on trivial stuff. I suppose they can never win.

  4. If they wanted to make it genuine, they could have a Santa really be the the Treasure Goblin King, he rides around on a sleigh showing up randomly in games, and dropping of multiple Goblins at once.

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