Chris Metzen’s departing present is a fantastic statue

This week Chris Metzen announced his departure from Blizzard which came as a surprise. But what do you give a guy who has contributed so much to Blizzard when he leaves? A pretty fantastic statue that’s what.

Terrie Denman, senior visual effects artist at Blizzard, posted a tweet showing what they have created adding:

“Close up of Metzen’s going away present. When finished it will be a statue.  I didn’t think I’d get emotional but I’m a sobbing train wreck.”

It’s tough to see Metzen leave after all these years and we wish him well.

Chris Metzen

Chris Metzen


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  1. Talk about self-indulgent.

  2. That’s so sweet, I bet he’ll treasure that.

  3. He’s been a huge contributor to Blizzard over the years, it will be their loss. I bet he won’t stay retired for a long time maybe a few years. He seems to creative and will have projects on the back burner that he’ll fire up again one day.

    Great statue.

  4. He’s a startlingly creative, hands-on guy, and whether it be his art, story and even voice acting contributions to Blizzard properties, or Transformers or any other fiction or game he has touched, he definitely was a huge influence in how I think about characters, lore, etc. I know it’s exhasting, but please make more cool things soon, Chris.

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